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Proper Oral Hygiene
(24.05.2009) back

Healthy teeth and gums don't just happen by accident – proper dental hygiene is essential.

Cavities and periodontal disease (i.e gum inflammation) can be prevented with regular good oral hygiene at home along with two visits to the dentist every year (for a check-up and professional cleaning).

The mouth is a playground for bacteria that can be harmful both to the mouth and the body in general. This plaque contains billions of bacteria – the metabolic processes of these micro-organisms converts some carbohydrates into acids and substances which are toxic to the body's cells. The metabolic processes of oral bacteria can lead to tooth damage (cavities) and gum inflammation (gingivitis) as well as damage to the jawbone itself.

Proper oral hygiene can prevent these problems

It's advisable to brush your teeth after every meal and also after any sweet snack. In addition a daily thorough cleansing of the teeth is essential, best done right before bed. The most important tool for keeping your teeth clean is of course the tooth brush. Use a brush with soft or medium bristles made of plastic – natural bristles are not as easy to keep clean, are less flexible and don't last as long.

Note: A toothbrush lasts at most two months!

Dental floss is the best tool for cleaning between the teeth. It's important to move the dental floss forward and back along the inner surfaces of all the teeth. Any bacteria remaining between the teeth will quickly reproduce, and this can lead to tooth and gum damage.

Two trips to the dentist every year for a professional cleaning is also important in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Your dentist visit should include cleaning and polishing which will remove plaque, calculus and stains. A professional cleaning is essential as the dentist or hygienist can reach areas that are missed in your normal dental hygiene routine.

If you're still having problems with oral hygiene, the Mineral Drink MICRO can help

The Mineral Drink MICRO works to kill bacteria and to fight inflammation, so it's an effective way to eliminate bacteria living in the mouth and to fight gum inflammation (also known as gingivitis). Through encouraging healing and putting an end to inflammation, further damage to the mouth (i.e. the gums, cementum, alveoli and periodontal ligaments) can be prevented. Any existing periodontal disease (periodontitis) is also counteracted.
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