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Everyone is talking about alkaline powder. Does it work?
(16.06.2009) back

The fangocur Mineral Drink encourages a healthy acid-base (pH) balance

There seems to be an ever growing number of alkaline powders on the market. The real effects of such antacids are nonetheless not so clear.

If the body is excessively acidic, then taking an alkaline powder will lead to a reduction in acidity. That's the story anyway. The truth is that the body naturally regulates its pH or acid-base levels – even if your diet is poor.

The body naturally regulates its acidity. You don't need an alkaline powder supplement.

For certain types of people (e.g. the elderly, the chronically ill, athletes) it can nonetheless be beneficial to take an alkaline powder, simply to encourage regulation of the body's acidity. The same results could be achieved through an improved diet or via normalisation of the digestive system with the fangocur Mineral Drink. The Mineral Drink is not an alkaline or basic supplement – it's a quality natural remedy.

The Mineral Drink from fangocur is not an alkaline powder. It normalises the digestion and supports the body's ability to maintain its proper acid-base balance.

An important part of keeping the acid-base (pH) balance in check is a healthy lifestyle. In particular, a proper diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate physical activity are essential. It's also important to attend to one's psychological balance and avoid too much stress.

Try a short-term intensive treatment with the fangocur Mineral Drink and bring your digestive system back into balance. That's the solution to the "acid build-up" problem.

fangocur Mineral Drink

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