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Summertime is Hard on the Skin. Help is Here!
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The skin produces more sweat and oil during the warmer summer months. Too much sun can harm the skin, and sun creams can be irritating. Now is the time to gently and thoroughly cleanse your skin.

The complexion is especially stressed in the summertime. Natural and gentle cleansing helps to keep the skin healthy.

At fangocur we believe that the best skin cleansing happens naturally, and naturally occurring substances encourage healthier metabolism in the skin. The skin should be helped only to the extent necessary and no more.

The fangocur AloeVera Mineral Soap is the natural and gentle way to clean your complexion.

Use the AloeVera Mineral Soap in the morning and eveing and you'll quickly be amazed with how healthy your skin feels…without the addition of lotions or moisturizers. You need not worry about your skin becoming dry, instead you'll find that the complexion feels more vital and well cared for.

The fangocur Mineral Masks used once or twice per week is the ideal way to deeply cleanse your skin in the summer.

The skin is more oily in the summer, and at the same time we use creams to protect the skin from the sun and to moisturize. A deep cleaning of the complexion with the Relax Mineral Mask or the Revitalizing Mineral Mask is essential. This encourages the skin to transport metabolic waste products to the surface where they are more easily eliminated. Such a "cleaning treatment" should be done once or twice per week.

Experience the unique natural skin cleansing concept from fangocur:

For daily cleansing, in the morning and evening:

AloeVera Mineral Soap
for daily cleansing

AloeVera Mineral Soap (x3)
Save £3.90!

For deep cleansing, once or twice per week:

Relax Mineral Mask
to deeply clean oily skin and normal skin

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
to deeply clean dry skin and combination skin
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