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Avoid Dry Skin this Summer
(22.05.2013) back



When the weather is warmer, it's normal to shower more often. It can be easy to forget that using normal soap or shower gel can lead to itchy, dry skin.

Our skin tends to loose more moisture during the summer months as you sweat more and then your skin dries. In addition, it's common practice to apply sun creams as it is so important to protect the skin from sunburn. For these reasons, it's usual to shower more often in the summertime.

Common shower gels contain chemical additives that can have the following effects on the skin:
  • Washing alone dries out the skin, preventing it from restoring its natural oil balance.
  • The natural and healthy metabolism of the skin is disturbed.
  • Skin irritation and varying levels of inflammation can occur.
Using the AloeVera Mineral Soap does not disturb the skin natural metabolism of the skin.

The AloeVera Mineral Soap from fangocur works due to its alkaline nature – it has a hydrating effect on the surface layers of the skin that can last for 2-3 hours. During this time, the skin can restore its protective water-lipid layer. Washing with the AloeVera Mineral Soap from fangocur does not dry the skin. It contains ingredients (aloe vera, sulfur and minerals) that actually work to inhibit the inflamation process and prevent skin irritation.

With the AloeVera Mineral Soap from fangocur, you can shower more frequently and not worry about dry skin!

Beautify your skin in the summertime with the fangocur AloeVera Mineral Soap:

AloeVera Mineral Soap
Very economical! One bar should last for 1-2 months!

AloeVera Mineral Soap (x3)
Save when you buy 3 bars!

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For dermatitis and psoriasis, we recommend the Curative Mineral Soap:
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