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Treat Skin Conditions from Inside and Out with fangocur
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Skin problems, whether mild or severe, are becoming more and more common. The fangocur treatment concept addresses the deeper cause of skin problems and also provides solutions for your daily skin care needs.

Whether you're trying to get rid of acne, rosacea, spots or blackheads, the fangocur treatment concept is a very popular option. It's also being successfully used to treat common oily skin as well as more complex skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis. It's proven effective. The concept works so well because the treatment is comprehensive – it addresses the causes of the conditions.

Our skin treatment idea is both simple and smart:
  • Deep cleansing of the skin, inhibition of inflammation and enhanced healing with a fangocur Mineral Mask
  • Internal purifying with the fangocur Mineral Drink, reducing the demand on the skin to process toxins shed by the body
  • Daily washing of the skin with a fangocur Mineral Soap is a natural complement to to the treatment of skin conditions
  • To further prevent skin irritation, daily application of a fangocur Mineral Cream
The fangocur treatment concept treats the body from the inside and out, and also specifically includes the cleansing and care of the skin. This unique holistic therapy is 100% natural. Environmental contaminants stress the body from the outside and the in, so an effective skin care plan must address more than just the surface. Our very special healing clay is an essential part of our treatment philosophy – it's an important ingredient of all the fangocur skin care products. Its contents (such as trace elements) have an anti-inflammatory effect, detoxify the body and act to normalise the metabolism.

Try the fangocur treatment concept for yourself, regardless whether you suffer with problem skin or just want to do something good for your body:

For acne, rosacea (couperose), spots, pimples and blackheads:

Acne Mineral Mask
Mineral Drink
Acne Mineral Soap
Mineral Cream N°4

For dermatitis and psoriasis:

Curative Mineral Mask
Mineral Drink
Curative Mineral Soap
Mineral Cream N°5

For oily skin:

Relax Mineral Mask
Mineral Drink
AloeVera Mineral Soap
Mineral Cream N°3

For dry skin:

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
Mineral Drink
AloeVera Mineral Soap
Mineral Cream N°1

For normal skin and combination skin:

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
Mineral Drink
AloeVera Mineral Soap
Mineral Creme N°2

For premature aging and wrinkles:

Anti-Aging Mask
Mineral Drink
AloeVera Mineral Soap
Mineral Creme N°2
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