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fangocur Skin Creams Contain the Highest Quality Ingredients Available!
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For sensitive skin it's especially important that the skin care products used contain only the highest quality ingredients. All of the raw materials used in the fangocur Mineral Creams are of the highest quality available.

The quality control criteria that fangocur abides by ensures that our customers truly get the best quality skin care products possible.
  • All the ingredients are all-natural, produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way and are invaluable for the body.
  • The formulations support the natural function of the skin. The skin is gently pampered, lacking moisture and lipids are replenished and excessive oil production is regulated.
  • Absolutely no artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives are used.
  • Only the highest quality, cold-pressed plant oils are used.
  • Wherever possible, only raw materials which are certified organically produced are used. When such organically produced plant materials are not available, suppliers who produce their materials in an ecologically supportive manner are favoured.
  • Absolutely no animal testing has been used in the production of the Mineral Creams.
  • Listings of all ingredients contained are readily available (INCI).
Our skin creams are not only high in quality – they're also highly effective!

The Mineral Creams all contain our very special healing clay, recognized for decades for it's healing effects. When used regularly, the condition of the complexion is quickly improved – a more healthy and glowing appearance as the skin is healthier and free of pimples, spots and irritations.

Use a Mineral Cream from fangocur and you'll quickly see improvements in the condition of your skin!

Now is the time to pamper your skin with one of our unique and 100% natural skin creams. You'll see and feel the difference.

For dry skin:

Mineral Cream N°1

For normal skin and combination skin:

Mineral Cream N°2

For oily skin:

Mineral Cream N°3

For acne, rosacea, spots, pimples and blackheads:

Mineral Cream N°4

For dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema:

Mineral Cream N°5

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