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The End of Summer: A Great Time for a Deep Skin Cleansing
(21.09.2009) back


Summertime can be very stressful for the skin. It not only has to deal with heat and intense sunlight – there's also the added strain of sun creams. The artificial ingredients they contain can really irritate the skin.

In the summer the skin works overtime. The skin tends to sweat more in order to rid the body of excess heat and this can lead to skin problems. Harmful UV rays can cause the skin to become dehydrated, and this can lead to or worsen wrinkles. Common skin creams as well as sun creams can help to moisturise the skin, but at the same time as such skin care products work at the surface so they have a tendency to block the pores. It's clear that with all these challenges, the skin needs some help in regenerating.

A deep cleansing of the skin allows the skin to "breath" again resulting in a more clean and glowing appearance!

The Mineral Masks from fangocur do much more than clean the surface of the skin: the cleaning goes deep down. Even more difficult to resolve skin problems like stubborn blackheads are eliminated. Such a skin cleaning is so effective as the Mineral Masks increase the circulation in the skin and raise the skin's metabolism. This draws the metabolic waste products from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface. This is where the absorptive (drawing) and adsorptive (binding) characteristics of the Mineral Masks come into play – all the impurities are pulled from the skin. The Mineral Masks are truly amazing in their ability to help the skin.

Our recommendation for clean and beautiful skin:

A regular deep cleansing with a fangocur Mineral Mask: two nights per week for three weeks.

Give your skin a chance to breath again. You'll notice positive changes after the very first use!

For dry skin:

Revitalizing Mineral Mask

For oily skin:

Relax Mineral Mask

For premature aging and wrinkles:

Anti-Aging Mask

For acne, rosacea, spots, pimples, blackheads and 'bad skin' in general:

Acne Mineral Mask

For dermatitis and psoriasis:

Curative Mineral Mask
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