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Restoring Mobility to Painful Joints
(19.06.2019) back

Soothing, clean, easy to use

Our bones and joints need care just like the rest of our bodies, though we don't really pay attention to them and often only start to notice when there's a problem. Only by taking care of our bodies can we maintain good function as we age.

Joints that pop or make grinding sounds need attention – ignoring the problem can lead to joint damage!

If you notice popping sounds, grinding in your joints or even pain, that's a sign of joint wear. Depending on the amount of strain on the body, this process can begin at different ages. Regardless whether joint wear is noticeable or not, if you're over 40 you should be taking steps to care for your joints.

Of all the joints in the body, the knees and spine are under the most strain. Every day these joints suffer under a lot of stress. By following a few simple guidelines, you can keep the joints more flexible so they can remain mobile and pain free.

  • Exercise regularly (e.g. walking, bicycling, callisthenics), taking care not to injure yourself
  • Eat a diet rich in quality foods and make sure you stay well hydrated
  • Keep your joints and back mobile with fango Sheets from fangocur

The fangocur Fango Sheets are a medically recognised way to keep the joints and back mobile and free of pain.

To achieve the desired effects, two weekly applications in the evening should be enough: 30 minutes to relax and soothe the body after a hard day. Simply warm a Fango Sheet and apply it to your back or mould it to the joint being treated. This results in enhanced blood flow in the area and more mobility in stiff joints as well as between bone surfaces.

Increased lubrication in the joints, reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.

Keep your joints working properly! Make a 3 week treatment (twice weekly)!

Fango Sheets
Enough for 6 applications.

Fango Sheets (Double Pack)
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