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Skin Problems – Natural Medicine Perspective
(20.05.2019) back

fangocur products are 100% natural
Skin problems are commonly treated with cortisone creams or other medical preparations which have only superficial effects; in contrast, the natural treatment of skin problems is the much more comprehensive option.

Naturally treat skin problems from inside and out.

From the naturopathic perspective, many skin conditions result from internal disturbances or illness which then manifest as skin problems. Looking at things in this way, it's clear that the way to clear up skin problems is to start by taking care of the inside of the body; i.e. treatment from inside out.

Looking at the issue in this way, skin problems can be seen as a reaction to the bodies attempt to shed poisons and toxins from the body. The intestines and kidneys are normally responsible for ridding the body of harmful substance, but as they may be overwhelmed, the skin is recruited to assist in the elimination of toxins.

The skin can thus be thought of as a harmful substance release system. Relatedly, people using some kind of cream or lotion to suppress ("cure") the symptoms of the skin condition often end up hindering the natural working of the skin and not addressing the deeper problem, leading to further accumulation of toxins and a later worsening of the problems.

The all natural treatment concept from fangocur addresses the causes of skin problems!

The treatment concept from fangocur adheres to these natural medicine principles; i.e. an internal treatment AND an external treatment. The body is internally treated with Bentomed. This helps to detoxify the body from within. The body is treated from the outside with one of our renowned Mineral Masks – they not only encourage the skin's ability to get rid of harmful substances, they actually enhance this natural process.

Take a stand against skin problems and take care of your skin from inside and out with the proven products from fangocur.

Internal treatment:

fangocur Bentomed

fangocur Bentomed (Double Pack)
Big savings!

External treatment:

fangocur Acne Mineral Mask
to treat acne, rosacea, pimples, spots and blackheads

fangocur Curative Mineral Mask
to treat dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema

fangocur Relax Mineral Mask
for oily skin

fangocur Revitalizing Mineral Mask
for dry skin which appears tired or pale

fangocur Anti-Aging Mask
to address premature aging and wrinkles

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