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A Healthy Autumn – Free of Flu
(14.11.2009) back
Keeping healthy throughout the autumn
Keeping healthy throughout the autumn

The days are getting shorter and there are fewer sunny days in general. In the colder months, the body has additional challenges to adapt to. Here you'll find information on staying fit, healthy and free of flu throughout the autumn.

A strong immune system is vital in the autumn so the body is prepared for the approaching colder months!

Just as nature prepares for the winter, reducing and slowing activity, so too must we get ready for the cold winter months ahead. In the winter, the body has to adapt to some specific challenges:

  • fewer hours of daylight, i.e. less exposure to healthy sunlight
  • cold and moist air stresses the respiratory system
  • an increased presence of flu virus, straining the immune system

In addition, the run-up to the holiday season is often a time of increased stress, both at home and at work. All these factors combine to strain our immune systems: we have to take action to stay healthy. This is essential in avoiding catching a more aggressive viral flu.

To keep healthy in the days and weeks before the holidays, we recommend the following measures:

1. Get plenty of outdoor physical activity.
Whenever possible, take the time to go outside and enjoy some physical activity. A bit of walking or a light jog can do wonders for the respiratory system. The shift from warm indoor air to cool outdoor air increases the circulation, thus enhancing the body's ability to resist infections. When you add a little physical activity to your everyday routine, you'll feel more in balance and happier in general. This too improves the function of the immune system.

2. Keep your spirits up by getting more sunlight.
Keep the blinds or curtains open during daylight hours and wait to turn on the lights until the sunlight fades. Light exposure positively influences the brain as well as the immune system. It's common that people feel less happy as days grow shorter and there's less chance to take in healthy sunshine.

3. Take the time to relax every day.
Make sure that you get enough downtime every day. Enjoy relaxation. Stress in combination with being overtired weakens the immune system, making it easier to fall ill. Try to avoid stress if possible and find time for yourself – read a good book, listen to music or take the time to really enjoy your meals.

4. Get enough sleep.
As the body needs more energy in the autumn and winter months, it can be a good idea to increase the amount of time you spend sleeping. Pay attention when you notice that you're feeling tired and really enjoying your rest. The immune system has a chance to recuperate during phases of deep sleep.

5. Alternate hot and cold in the shower to stay healthy.
Alternating between hot and cold while showering raises the metabolic rate, trains the body to produce heat, improves venous function, increases circulation, and strengthens the nervous system as well as the immune system.

It's important to cleanse and detoxify the body as the holiday season approaches!

Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables and drink at least 2 litres of water every day. An intensive short-term treatment with the fangocur Mineral Drink is also very beneficial.

The Mineral Drink helps the body to purify and detoxify itself. It also regulates digestive function and helps to normalise the metabolism. These effects all strengthen the immune system.

Just in time for the holidays, we recommend a 3 week intensive treatment.

Now is the time to help your body to fight flu virus with the fangocur Mineral Drink!

fangocur Mineral Drink

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