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Holiday Special: Big Savings on the fangocur Mineral Masks!
(08.12.2009) back


Save nearly £10 when you order an Acne Mineral Mask Double Pack

You save almost £10 with the purchase of a Curative Mineral Mask Double Pack

We're offering a special holiday discount on our Mineral Masks, renowned for their effectiveness in treating acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Hurry -- this offer is only valid for one week!

The Mineral Masks free the skin of impurities and metabolic waste products.

The naturally pure Mineral Masks increase the circulation and raise the level of metabolic activity of the skin. This encourages the transportation of waste products from deeper layers of the skin to the surface. Once these harmful substances are moved to the surface, the Mineral Mask absorbs them like a sponge, freeing the skin of impurities and thus relieving stress on the skin.

Be rid of inflammation thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of the Mineral Masks.

The special ingredients in the fango healing clay that the masks contain (e.g. sulphur) fight inflammation and encourage healing. The materials that are drawn from the skin often contains bacteria from pimples, blackheads or eczema, and these have to be killed in order to prevent them causing damage to the skin, both at the surface and below. The Mineral Masks are anti-microbial (i.e. they kills bacteria). The Mineral Masks promote healthy skin function.

The natural metabolic processes in the skin can return to normal.

Ingredients in the Mineral Masks such as electrolytes and minerals work to normalise the metabolism of the skin. The normal function of the skin is restored – the metabolism of the skin is then neither too fast nor too slow. This improves the ability of the skin to heal itself.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Save almost £10 and pay nothing for shipping!

This offer is only valid until the 15th of December 2009 – save almost £10 when you order a Mineral Mask Double Pack. Remember: shipping is free!

For acne, spots, pimples and blackheads:
Acne Mineral Mask (Double Pack)

£47.80  (normally £56.40)


For dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema:
Curative Mineral Mask (Double Pack)

£44.40 (normally £53.00)


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