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Detoxify - After the Holidays is the Perfect Time!
(12.01.2010) back

Just after the holidays is an ideal time to purify and detoxify

An essential item for every medicine cabinet – the fangocur Mineral Drink

A pure and natural cleansing and detoxification is not only something for the lower digestive system. It's good for the entire body and helps to prevent a variety of illnesses. Now is the time to detoxify with the fangocur Mineral Drink and remedy some of your "sins" over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Our bodies need to take in a lot from the environment.

The body needs oxygen, nutrients, sunshine and much more. Unfortunately, as we take in the things we need from the environment we also get things we don't need -- substances that can actually harm the body. With the growth of industrialisation, such toxins are becoming so prevalent that at times the human body can simply be overwhelmed with processing and ridding itself of these substances.

Harmful substances from the environment primarily enter the body via the digestive system, i.e. the stomach and intestines. 

The industrialised production of foodstuffs has led to the intake of more toxins which puts a strain on the body. The body's organs can simply be overwhelmed and so are not able to get rid of all the harmful substances. This also adds to the metabolic work the body is called on to do. Such stress on the body can result in skin problems, allergies, stomach problems, intestinal problems, fatigue, weakened immune system and more.

That's why today it's more important than ever to make use of time-proven healing methods to purify and detoxify the body. This includes cleansing of the intestinal tract, restoring normal digestive function and neutralising excess acid. The fangocur Mineral Drink is at your service. The number of positive reports on the detoxifying, purifying and acid neutralising effects of this well-known remedy is growing and growing. Written descriptions of the healing power of healing clay date back hundreds of years; it's been described as being useful as an acid neutraliser and detoxifier and also as an intestinal cleanser and purifier.

Purifying, detoxifying, acid neutralising as well as intestinal cleansing with the fangocur Mineral Drink.

The fangocur Mineral Drink is made from highly concentrated fango healing clay which contains a number of unique ingredients such as sulphur and iron. The effectiveness has been scientifically proven and time tested. The fangocur Mineral Drink has been used in medical practices for many years and it's also regularly recommended by doctors. Trust only the proven original from fangocur!

Say goodbye to the "sins" of the holidays and detoxify with the fangocur Mineral Drink:

fangocur Mineral Drink

fangocur Mineral Drink x2
Save almost £5!

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