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New Mouth Sprays Quickly Get Rid of Bad Breath
(01.02.2010) back

fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH

fangocur Mouth Spray STRONG

We all have bad breath from time to time, for example after eating foods with an intense smell. How to get rid of that uneasy feeling without using some artificial remedy? Now there's an effective way to naturally treat bad breath: the Mouth Sprays from fangocur.

The new fangocur Mouth Sprays get rid of acute bad breath and deliver long lasting fresh breath.

You know that feeling – you just enjoyed a spicy meal or a cup of coffee or tea and you're quite sure that your breath is less than fresh. Such bad breath can last for hours and that can make face to face contact unpleasant for others and worrisome for you. The fangocur Mouth Spray can help! Simply spray two to three times in your mouth and you'll be enjoying instant freshness…a long-lasting fresh feeling that's doing more than covering up your bad breath. Everyone who has tried one of our new Mouth Sprays has been very pleased with the results.

The fangocur Mouth Sprays are 100% natural and contains no sugar, no artificial colours and no preservatives!

Commonly available mouth sprays contain a variety of chemical additives that can harm the healthy micro-organisms found in the mouth. The fangocur Mouth Spray is an all-natural product. It supports the micro-organisms in the mouth, and the effects are lasting. The Mouth Sprays get the job done 100% naturally and they contain no chemical additives. The Mouth Sprays from fangocur contain only water, alcohol and essential oils which have been organically produced – they actually have a very beneficial effect on the sensitive lining of the mouth. Once again, you can be certain that our products are of the highest quality!

A fangocur Mouth Spray makes an ideal addition to your bad breath treatment using the Mineral Drink MICRO.

The Mineral Drink MICRO fights chronic bad breath caused by bacteria living in the mouth or throat or digestive problems. The Mouth Sprays fight acute bad breath brought on by strong smelling food or drink. If you use a Mouth Spray to supplement your bad breath treatment using the Mineral Drink MICRO, you've no need to wait until the deeper cause of your chronic bad breath has been eliminated. Immediate fresh breath is possible anytime.

Keep a fangocur Mouth Spray on hand and you can be confident in any face to face contact:

Mouth Spray FRESH
Long-lasting fresh breath!

Mouth Spray STRONG
Powerful fresh breath!


Mouth Spray FRESH (Double Pack)
Save over £3!

Mouth Spray STRONG (Double Pack)
Save over £3!

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