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fangocur Soap Sale - Save Nearly £7
(12.08.2013) back


Regular thorough cleansing is essential in maintaining healthy skin. Only clear pores can effectively rid the skin of metabolic waste products.

Unfortunately many people reach for a cheap skin cleaning product with the hopes of washing away environmental contaminants; unfortunately such products often contain harsh chemicals which overdo this important job and end up further stressing the skin.

We recommend cleansing your skin with completely natural products. The Mineral Soaps from fangocur are the ideal way to gently yet effectively clean the skin. Real soaps were at one time used in every home – unfortunately nowadays natural soaps are becoming a thing of the past.

Now is the time to give natural skin cleansing a try. The Mineral Soaps from fangocur are not only for the complexion…they're also great for all-over washing. You'll immediately feel the difference!

AloeVera Mineral Soap
Good for all skin types – combines the effects of aloe vera and the unique combination of minerals contained in fango healing clay

AloeVera Mineral Soap x3
ON SALE NOW - Save almost £7 with the purchase of a triple pack!

Acne Mineral Soap
Especially developed for those who suffer with acne, rosacea and couperose as well as spots, pimples or blackheads

Acne Mineral Soap x3
ON SALE NOW - Save almost £7 with the purchase of a triple pack!

Curative Mineral Soap
A special soap for skin affected by dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema

Curative Mineral Soap x3
ON SALE NOW - Save almost £7 with the purchase of a triple pack!

Offer only available through 20.08.2013!

The Mineral Soaps from fangocur are 100% natural and offer the following benefits:

  • Natural gentle cleansing with no chemical additives – well-tolerated by the skin
  • Thorough cleaning of the skin with the renowned fango healing clay (peeling effect) which contains minerals and trace elements
  • Effective cleansing with natural active ingredient which quickly resolve existing skin irritation
  • A combination of skin cleansing and skin care which doesn't dry the skin
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