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The New fangocur Mouth Sprays Deliver Fresh Breath Anytime
(23.02.2010) back


As of January, the fangocur line-up now includes the fangocur Mouth Sprays. Our customers have been very enthusiastic about the new products – so much so that we had to put in extra effort to fill all the orders. Today we'd like to let you know just what is so special about the Mouth Sprays.

The new fangocur Mouth Sprays are 100% natural, sugar-free and contain no added colours or preservative.

These qualities clearly separate the fangocur Mouth Sprays from more commonly available products which tend to contain a variety of chemical additives. These additives can cause long-term harm to the health micro-organisms that live in the mouth. As the fangocur Mouth Spray is very mild, though it nonetheless provides lasting fresh breath, the commonly available products feel very aggressive in comparison. The fresh breath such products offer is nonetheless quite short in duration.

Gently get rid of bad breath after eating, drinking or smoking with the fangocur Mouth Sprays and enjoy lasting fresh breath!

The special combination of ingredients includes only water, alcohol and select organically produced essential oils. Only the highest quality ingredients available are used – that's how we've created such a truly unique product. It delivers fresh breath without harming the beneficial micro-organisms which live in the mouth.

The fangocur Mouth Sprays work very well with the Mineral Drink MICRO in the treatment of bad breath.

Add our Mouth Spray to your bad breath treatment with the Mineral Drink MICRO and you won't have to wait for the deeper cause of your bad breath to be eliminated. You get immediate fresh breath straight away.

There are 2 types: The fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH works gently and immediately provides long-lasting fresh breath. For those who want extra fresh breath with a longer duration or for people who suffer with exceptionally bad breath, we recommend the Mouth Spray STRONG.

Make a fangocur Mouth Spray a constant companion and enjoy confidence in any situation:

Mouth Spray FRESH 
Lasting fresh breath! 

Mouth Spray STRONG 
More powerful and longer lasting fresh breath!

Mouth Spray FRESH (Double Pack)
You save over £3!

Mouth Spray STRONG (Double Pack)
You save over £3!

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