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Magen Darm
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Muskeln und Gelenke
Keep your skin healthy!
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As we age, it becomes more and more challenging for the skin to deal with constant attacks from the environment. Pollution, poor diet, stress and poor quality skin care products further burden the skin. In the best case, this simply leads to problems skin or skin which too quickly shows the signs of aging; worse yet, stubborn skin conditions can result. Take steps now to keep your skin healthy with a Mineral Mask from fangocur!

Intensive yet gentle deep cleansing keeps the skin visibly healthy!

Nowadays the skin can be overwhelmed with the strain of processing impurities, both from the environment and from the body itself. This can result in wrinkles, spots, pimples and blackheads…or the skin may simply lack that healthy glow. Skin care products containing harmful chemicals only work at the surface of the skin and can actually further stress the skin. Only a very gentle and deep cleansing of the skin can get the skin out trouble.

The fangocur Mineral Masks also work on the deeper layers of the skin, freeing the skin from everyday stress.

Everyone who has tried one of the fangocur Mineral Masks has been pleasantly surprised. Many aestheticians have also recognised their superiority to common masks or peeling scrubs. The Mineral Masks contain a natural mineral called montmorillonite; tiny particles of this substance, only visible with an electron microscope, work to draw impurities and toxins from the deep layers of the skin. The action is similar to that of a sponge. The other minerals and trace elements contained in the Mineral Masks nourish the skin while preventing inflammation and skin irritation.

For healthy skin, you need a weekly deep cleansing with a fangocur Mineral Mask!

We at fangocur have developed two varieties of mask:

Relax Mineral Mask 
For oily skin

Revitalizing Mineral Mask 
For normal skin and dry skin

Immediately after cleansing the skin, use one of the all-natural fangocur Mineral Creams to moisturise the skin:

Mineral Cream N°1
For dry skin

Mineral Cream N°2
For normal skin and combination skin

Mineral Cream N°3
For oily skin

Keep your skin healthy and age beautifully! This is now possible thanks to the unique natural products from fangocur.

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