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fangocur Mouth Spray Sale: Save over 6 GBP on the Double Packs
(17.05.2010) back

fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH

fangocur Mouth Spray STRONG

Our natural mouth sprays are a real hit! So many customers have shared their enthusiasm about our new product, so we've decided to offer a special discounted price. For a limited time, when you purchase a double pack you save over £6.

The new fangocur Mouth Spray fights acute bad breath and ensures long-lasting fresh breath.

You certainly know that feeling you get after eating a spicy meal, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or having a cigarette. It can take hours for your fresh breath to return, and in the mean time that uncomfortable feeling is with you every time you talk to someone. That's where the fangocur Mouth Sprays come in. Simply give your mouth a spray and you'll immediately notice a fresh feeling – and that freshness is neither superficial nor short-term. Everyone who's tried our new Mouth Sprays has been pleasantly surprised with their effectiveness.

The fangocur Mouth Sprays are 100% natural. They contain no added sugar, colouring or preservatives.

Commonly available mouth sprays contain a plethora of chemical additives, and these can cause lasting harm to the healthy micro-organisms that live in the mouth. In contrast, the fangocur Mouth Sprays are all-natural. They don't disrupt the natural balance in the mouth and the breath freshing effects last longer – and they accomplish this with only natural ingredients and absolutely no chemical additives. The contain only water, alcohol and organically produced essential oils which have a beneficial effect on the lining of the mouth. Here is yet another example of fangocur's commitment to quality!

The fangocur Mouth Sprays are the ideal addition when treating bad breath with the Mineral Drink MICRO.

While the Mineral Drink MICRO is used to address chronic bad breath, whether caused by bacteria in the mouth and throat or by digestive problems, the Mouth Sprays fight acute bad breath after you enjoy food or drink with a strong odour. By adding a Mouth Spray to your bad breath treatment with the Mineral Drink MICRO, you won't need to wait for the deeper cause of bad breath to be addressed before enjoying pleasantly fresh breath.

Always carry a fangocur Mouth Spray – you'll be worry-free in any conversation…anytime!

Mouth Spray FRESH
Lasting fresh breath!

Mouth Spray STRONG 
More powerful fresh breath!

SAVE BIG NOW! (offer only valid through 25 May 2010)
Save over £6 on the discounted double packs.

Mouth Spray FRESH (Double Pack)
You save over £6!

Mouth Spray STRONG (Double Pack)
You save over £6!

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