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Losing Weight the Health Way
(08.04.2015) back


Forget about crazy diets and products that offer quick weight loss. Today you'll learn all about a healthy way to lose weight for the long term.

Cleansing the digestive system is essential for healthy weight loss!

Only a healthy digestive system can properly break down the foods you eat and pass them on in the optimal form to the body. That's why it's essential to regenerate your intestinal tract if you're looking for a healthy way to rid yourself of some extra weight. This encourages proper lipid metabolism, preventing fat from ending up in your problem zones. Bentomed from fangocur cleanses the lower digestives system, making it an important part of healthy and effective weight loss.

The only long-term weight loss solution is proper nutrition.

It's only possible to become overweight if you take in more calories than your body needs. If you simply try to cut calories, you run the risk of also missing some important nutrients. That's why a healthy diet is so important. Here are some tips:
  • Make the effort to decrease the fat content of every meal, and include a good amount of vegetables and fruits as well as some carbohydrates.
  • The high-protein food that you eat should be low in fat and high in quality. Legumes (like beans, lentils and chickpeas) and nuts also contain a good amount of protein -- you don't have to eat meat to add protein to your diet. Fish is a high quality source of protein. It's a good idea to limit the number of meals with meat (including cold-cuts and ham) to 5x per week. Additionally, you should include a variety of meats in your menu (e.g. beef, pork, chicken, etc.).
  • Choose high quality, wholesome carbohydrates and avoid products containing white flour, sugar and fruit syrups. Instead it's better to opt for whole-wheat breads, brown rice, quinoa and other healthy baked goods…ideally bio.
  • Every meal ought to contain a lot of vegetables. Buy the freshest vegetables available, preferably types which are in season and grown locally. Also regularly include raw vegetables (i.e. salad) in your diet.
  • It's healthier to eat more often -- more small meals spread throughout the day.
  • Avoid multitasking while you're eating.
  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of fluid per day; water and tea are best.
A "health day" might include the following:

Breakfast: Müsli with fresh seasonal fruit and nuts
Brunch: Whole-wheat toast with cottage cheese and a tomato
Lunch: Broiled chicken (to reduce the fat), potatoes, steamed vegetables (like broccoli or zucchini), salad
Afternoon snack: A green pepper and a few  Brazil nuts
Dinner: Tuna salad (tuna with lettuce, onions, etc. -- add what you like!)

With regular physical activity, extra weight just disappears!

Make sure you take the time to get regular physical activity. There are so many benefits: the body burns extra calories, you build muscle instead of putting on fat and you feel more fit and healthy. Here are some tips:
  • Choose an endurance sport (i.e. "cardio") that fits your body type. Take your current condition into consideration and don't overdo it!
  • Some activities to try: walking, hiking, jogging, bicycling, aerobics. Remember to keep the tempo brisk yet comfortable.
  • Invest in proper equipment. It both increases your motivation and makes things more fun.
  • Make a clear plan for including some exercise in your week. Decide on a good time, location and duration…and stick to it. You should include your new hobby in your schedule at least 3x per week.
  • Get some training advice from an expert. Take a class so that you can train more safely and efficiently.

Continue with Bentovital to Supplement your Bentomed Treatment

Bentovital is the ideal way to continue to enjoy all the benefits of fangocur for the long-term. After you've completed a treatment using Bentomed, the normal duration of which is a few weeks, follow up with daily use of Bentovital. Regular use of Bentovital helps to rid the body of toxins and keep the digestive system healthy. Additionally, Bentovital provides your body with natural essential nutrients, including vitamins and trace elements.

When is a good time to start? Now! Be consistent and soon you'll be loosing weight.

Keys to healthy, effective and long-lasting weight loss: a cleansing of the digestive system, proper diet and regular physical activity

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