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New: Mineral Toothpaste for Everyday Use
(25.05.2010) back



At long last, we're ready to introduce the new Mineral Toothpaste for everyday use. As you already know, our Curative Toothpaste is intended to be used for 2-3 weeks to address specific oral health problems. Now we also offer the solution for your everyday oral hygiene needs.

fangocur has developed an entirely natural toothpaste for daily use. Now you can enjoy gentle and thorough care for your teeth and gums every day!

We all brush our teeth every day, but we're often not aware of the fact that commonly available toothpastes can contain synthetic surfactants and questionable thickening agents which can actually do more harm than good. The fangocur Mineral Toothpaste is made from 100% pure and natural ingredients and has been especially developed for everyday oral care: teeth, gums and tongue. It brings a new shine to your smile!

The new fangocur Mineral Toothpaste thoroughly and gently cleans the teeth like no other toothpaste can!

The mineral cleaning particles thoroughly clean the teeth, effectively working to prevent cavities, plaque build-up and discolouration. The cleansing is nonetheless very gentle. This is possible because the fangocur Mineral Toothpaste is very non-abrasive (RDA 17). This means that it's gentle on the enamel of your teeth.

The new fangocur Mineral Toothpaste protects the teeth and gums, ensuring a healthy and beaming smile!

The minerals and trace elements contained in our Mineral Toothpaste have a re-mineralising effect on the enamel of the teeth. High-quality essential oils work to soothe and strengthen the gums as well as keeping your breath fresh. Thanks to its very unique ingredients, the Mineral Toothpaste helps to prevent problems like swollen gums (gingivitis), bleeding gums, periodontitis and bad breath (halitosis).

Give our effective and 100% natural toothpaste a try!

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack)

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