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Important Information about the New Mineral Toothpaste
(01.06.2010) back



We've been truly overwhelmed with the popularity of our new Mineral Toothpaste. There's a lot of interest in our toothpaste for everyday use, and we've already received a number of questions about it.

The fangocur Mineral Toothpaste is more expensive than commonly available toothpastes. Is it worth it?

The price of toothpastes varies a great deal; there are even products on the market costing around a pound. When one considers the cost of the tube, transportation and advertising as well as the margin for the producer, wholesaler and retailer, one gets an idea about the actual worth of the ingredients of the toothpaste. These products contain questionable substances like surfactants, gelling agents, artificial sweeteners, whiteners, artificial colours and preservatives. These artificial ingredients can bring the natural environment in the mouth out of balance and cause lasting harm.

During the development of the fangocur Mineral Toothpaste, we selected only high-quality natural ingredients. All of the raw materials contained in the Mineral Toothpaste are of the best quality available on the market. Of course the effectiveness as well as the protective effects on the enamel of the teeth has been scientifically tested.

What is the difference between the Mineral Toothpaste and the Curative Toothpaste?

The Curative Toothpaste is intended to be used as part of a short-term intensive treatment lasting 2-3 weeks. It contains a higher concentration of the anti-inflammatory fango healing clay along with other active ingredients which are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial…and of course 100% natural. It is especially effective in the treatment of chronically swollen gums, plaque, bleeding gums, periodontitis and bad breath.

The Mineral Toothpaste is a replacement for your everyday toothpaste. It helps to prevent cavities, delivers lasting fresh breath and encourages a healthy and glowing smile. It thoroughly cleans and cares for your teeth, gums and tongue.

We recommend using the Mineral Toothpaste daily in the morning and evening, and substituting the Curative Toothpaste once or twice per week as a preventative measure. You'll see just how white and clean your teeth can be.
Put your trust in the new Mineral Toothpaste from fangocur and experience the benefits for yourself:

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack)

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