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fangocur Alert: Plastic in the Bloodstream
(20.07.2010) back

The Curative Toothpaste is packaged in an aluminium tube to protect the valuable contents

The Mineral Toothpaste also comes in a non-plastic tube

Many of our customers have asked why, in contrast to commonly available toothpastes, are the fangocur toothpastes packaged in aluminium containers. We'd like to let you know about the reasoning behind this decision.

Plastic can contain cancer causing substances!

We are surrounded by plastic and we're often not aware of the extent to which it can harm our health as well as harm the environment. Over time, plastics can release their volatile contents into the environment; among them are plasticisers, flame retardants, Bisphenol A, preservatives and toxic heavy metals like quicksilver. Even in small quantities, many of these substances can negatively influence genetic processes and work like hormones in the body, and they can even cause cancer, developmental problems, infertility and allergic reactions.

Artificial chemicals are released from plastic and end up in the body.

As soon as foods, and naturally also such things as toothpastes, come into contact with plastic there's scarcely a chance of avoiding the release of harmful substances, predominantly plasticisers. The chemicals that are released by the plastic can end up in the body and can cause lasting harmful effects. Under examination, it has unfortunately been found that nearly everyone has artificial chemical substances in their bloodstream that are used in the production of plastics. These can present various health risks.

Aluminium packaging protects the valuable ingredients of the fangocur toothpastes!

The carefully selected organically produced essential oils, the superb salt and naturally the unique healing clay come together to create a truly premium toothpaste. Whereas plastic containers can release artificial chemicals which end up in the body, our high-quality aluminium toothpaste tubes ensure that the special 100% natural raw materials in the fangocur toothpastes remain in top condition. Aluminium containers are of course also more expensive, but this is certainly an important and worthwhile investment in your good health.

Escape the world of plastics with the fangocur toothpastes!

fangocur Curative Toothpaste
for swollen gums, dental plaque, bleeding gums, periodontitis and bad breath

fangocur Curative Toothpaste (Double Pack)
You save more than £3!

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste
for everyday use – quality dental care

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack)
You save more than £3!

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