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New from fangocur: This Mouth Ulcer Cream should be in every Medicine Cabinet!
(03.08.2010) back


The development of the new fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream is finally complete. From now on, cold sores and mouth ulcers will no longer be a problem. With our new product, you can hinder the development of these often painful and embarrassing skin problems in a natural way. This product should be in every home medicine cabinet!

There are many topical treatments for cold sores and mouth ulcers available such as balms and creams, but there is little evidence that they are actually effective.

If you are suffering with mouth ulcers or cold sores (herpes simplex), you're likely already familiar with the wealth of annoying products that can be smeared on, all promising to heal oral sores with artificial chemicals. Unfortunately they often have only an anaesthetic effect and do not address the cause of the herpes outbreak. Extremely uncomfortable sensations like itching and the skin feeling somehow too tight are often accompanied by weeping blisters and pain.

fangocur addresses the problem using pure and natural substances.

fangocur has taken its renowned fango healing clay, well known for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation, and developed a unique and all-natural cream for the treatment of mouth sores related to the herpes virus. The sorptive (absorbing and adsorbing) qualities of the healing clay quickly and efficiently fight the swelling caused by outbreaks of the herpes virus in a 100% natural way. The essential oils contained in the fangocur herpes cream, in particular the powerful lemon balm extract, work to support the effectiveness of the healing clay.

The fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream is fast and dependable! 

Apply a thin layer of the fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream to the affected area as soon as you notice an itching or tingling feeling. It starts to work immediately, and you'll soon feel the way the Herpes Mineral Cream seems to be drawing from the small sore like a sponge while it disinfects and intensively treats the inflammation. The inflammation is quickly taken care of so that the oral herpes sore or mouth ulcer simply don't have the chance to develop. In cases in which there is an existing sore on the lip or in the mouth, the pain is quickly eased. The treatment can result in crusting, but in a short time this is sloughed off leaving only healthy skin behind.

It's a good idea to always have the fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream on hand!

At the first sign of trouble, apply the cream several times throughout the day. For existing problems, allow 4-5 hours between applications. 

Now is the time to take advantage of this special introductory offer as it's only valid through 10 August 2010! 

fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream
Now £10.80 – normally £13.30

fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream - Double Pack
Now £19.80 – normally £23.20

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