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New from fangocur – Unique 3-Way Fresh Breath Effect
(10.08.2010) back


Our most beloved product for fighting bad breath, the Mineral Drink MICRO, has been improved! The new fangocur Mouthwash is not only more effective; it also tastes better. Using a combination of three special natural remedies, the fangocur Mouthwash is simply head and shoulders above commonly available products.

New fangocur Mouthwash: Highly Effective and Better Taste

Many of our customers were very happy with the effectiveness of the Mineral Drink MICRO but they just couldn't get used to the "earthy" taste. We took this comment seriously when developing our newest product. The result: the first mouthwash with a 3-way fresh breath effect as well as a fresh and natural taste. It quickly takes care of bad breath and gives your mouth a real feeling of freshness. Our new mouthwash is beyond compare when you take into account the fact that commonly available mouthwash products contain harsh, artificial ingredients that can cause long-term harm to the natural environment of your mouth.

The 100% Natural Mouthwash with a Novel 3-Way Fresh Breath Effect

Thanks to the specially selected and proven natural ingredients, our natural mouthwash, with its novel 3-way fresh breath effect, encourages fresh breath in 3 ways:

  1. Our proven fango healing clay with its absorptive and adsorptive qualities as well as the mechanical cleansing effect of the tiny clay particles eliminates organic metabolic waste products and products of decomposition which can cause bad breath. In addition, the pH of the mouth is lowered as high oral pH can also lead to bad breath.
  2. Natural sea salt crystals from a special area on the west coast of South Africa have an anti-microbial effect and fight harmful bacteria and micro-organisms in the mouth.
  3. A blend of natural essential oils strengthen the good micro-organisms in the mouth and support the natural balance of the oral environment. As an added bonus, they make your breath more fresh

The unique 3-way fresh breath effect is effective against bad breath (halitosis), swollen gums (gingivitis), periodontitis (pyorrhoea), mouth ulcers and injuries to the mucosal lining of the mouth. The effectiveness has been scientifically proven by Dr. Wolfgang Marktl of the International Institute for Holistic Medicine in Vienna, Austria.

The benefits of the fangocur Mouthwash in comparison to the Mineral Drink MICRO

In more than 90% of bad breath cases, the cause is in the mouth or throat area and has nothing to do with the digestion. For this reason, an oral treatment is usually all that is needed to effectively get rid of bad breath. In exceptional cases, the deeper cause of bad breath can be in the digestive system; this calls for the use of the Mineral Drink MICRO. The fangocur Mouthwash offers the following benefits:

  • The 3-way fresh breath effect provides an intensive treatment of bad breath, gum problems, periodontitis and other oral problems.
  • The Mouthwash is used to rinse the mouth and as a gargle. It is not swallowed, allowing for long-term treatment in more stubborn cases of bad breath (e.g. it can be used on a preventative basis 2 or 3 times per week).
  • The fresh taste means that it's more pleasant to use.
  • It delivers fresh breath, even after eating spicy foods or enjoying a drink that might cause bad breath.
  • Just like the Mineral Drink MICRO, the fangocur Mouthwash is a proven medical product, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically confirmed.
  • Twice the size of the Mineral Drink MICRO (200ml instead of 100ml).

It's also very easy to use:
Add a heaping teaspoon of the Mouthwash (a powder) to a quarter glass of water (about 2 ounces or 50ml), stir well and then allow the Mouthwash to steep for a few minutes. Stir the solution again before rinsing your mouth and gargling. Spit out the potentially foul smelling products of decomposition and then repeat the process until the glass is empty. It’s best to wait 5-10 minutes before eating or drinking.

After using the Mouthwash from fangocur (and ideally allowing it to work for 5-10 minutes), use the fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH or Mouth Spray STRONG. This combination provides even longer lasting freedom from bad breath while delivering and pleasant, fresh feeling.

Fight bad breath and inflammation in the mouth with the high-quality, completely natural fangocur Mouthwash!

fangocur Mouthwash

fangocur Mouthwash - Double Pack
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