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Mouthwash Fights Bad Breath
(20.05.2013) back


We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from our customers about the new Mouthwash. There seem to be some common questions, so today we're writing to provide you with the answers.

When should I use the Mineral Drink MICRO? When should I use the fangocur Mouthwash?
Both products effectively deal with problems in the mouth and throat, for example bad breath. The Mouthwash is not to be swallowed – only problems in the mouth are addressed. As in more than 90% of cases of bad breath the cause is bacteria in the mouth or throat, the Mouthwash is preferable to the Mineral Drink MICRO. This advice is also valid for other oral problems such as swollen gums and periodontitis. The MICRO drink is generally only to be used when poor digestion is the cause of bad breath.

If you're suffering with digestive problems in addition to specifically oral problems, then use the MICRO. If your digestive system is healthy, then the Mouthwash is the best choice.

My breath was fresh after just one use. Do I really need to continue to use the Mouthwash?

The unique natural ingredients deliver fresh breath straight away. If you frequently have bad breath, you should use the Mouthwash consistently for 3 weeks. If you only suffer with bad breath from time to time, for example after a spicy meal or a drink with a strong odour such as coffee or tea, then feel free to use the Mouthwash only as needed. When you have an important face to face meeting planned, use the Mouthwash before. It only takes a few minutes to guarantee great fresh breath!

I'm out and about for most of the day. What can I do to keep my breath fresh?

Take the Mouthwash with you. Anytime you use the WC, you can also freshen up your breath. Simply take a teaspoon full of the Mouthwash in your mouth and then add a few sips of water. Rinse and gargle just as you normally would after pre-mixing the Mouthwash. Additionally, you can use the Mouth Spray FRESH or Mouth Spray STRONG when using the Mouthwash isn't convenient or possible. A few minutes is all it takes to feel confident that your breath is fresh – and without using harsh artificial products that can throw off the naturally healthy oral environment.

Fight bad breath breath, periodontitis and swollen gums with the 100% natural fangocur Mouthwash – and be sure to keep your breath fresh throughout the day!

fangocur Mouthwash
200ml, £25.60

fangocur Mouthwash (Double Pack)
2x200ml, £47,00
You save almost £4 and pay nothing for delivery!

TIP: Prevent artificial chemicals from throwing the environment in your mouth out of balance by using only natural oral care products.

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