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Fresh breath anytime!


You can be sure that your breath is always fresh when you use one of our 100% natural fangocur Mouth Sprays. They're small and convenient to use – there's no reason to not always have one on hand.

Ready anytime – the fangocur Mouth Sprays deliver fresh breath.

Wouldn't it be ideal if you could have fresh breath all throughout the day? You can when you have a fangocur Mouth Spray, even if you enjoy a spicy meal or a strong smelling drink. Its small size means that you can always carry one with you. Fresh breath anytime!

Best to avoid cheap, artificial sprays as they can actually cause harm.

You should try to avoid commonly available, inexpensive mouth sprays. They tend to only cover up bad breath, and the freshness  simply doesn't last. The result: you have to use a cheap, artificial breath spray again and again to keep your breath fresh. The artificial ingredients, for example propylene glycol, can damage the sensitive environment in your mouth…and that can lead to additional oral problems.

Fresh and confident – don't forget your fangocur Mouth Spray!

Naturally pure ingredients of the highest quality do much more than temporarily cover up bad breath. The fangocur Mouth Sprays are very economical as they provide lasting fresh breath. Our Mouth Sprays are truly unique, and it's easy to take one with you wherever you go.

There are two different fangocur Mouth Sprays:

Mouth Spray FRESH
Our gentler fresh breath solution

Mouth Spray STRONG
Immediate fresh breath that lasts and lasts

TIP: Now is the perfect time to step up your oral hygiene and start using only 100% natural oral care products!

Curative Toothpaste (especially helpful for periodontitis, swollen gums and halitosis)
Mineral Toothpaste (for everyday use, removes plaque and helps to prevent cavities)
Bentoforte (for bad breath, tongue coating buildup and other mouth and throat problems)
Mineral Herpes Cream (for blisters and cold sores related to oral herpes)

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