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You Too Can Enjoy Beautiful Glowing Skin
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The program for healthy skin: natural skin cleansing with the fangocur Mineral Masks
The program for healthy skin: natural skin cleansing with the fangocur Mineral Masks
The circulation is increased and the metabolism of the skin is normalised…naturally
The circulation is increased and the metabolism of the skin is normalised…naturally

Your skin is stressed by both the environment and poor diet, and this in turn takes away from the natural beauty of your complexion. The metabolic processes in the skin can simply be overwhelmed. A deep cleansing of the skin can work wonders in quickly restoring your naturally healthy complexion.

Pamper your skin with the unique effects of our Mineral Masks and restore that healthy glow.

All skin cleansing is not the same. When only the outer layers of the skin are cleaned, the effects are less and last only a short time. With a deep cleansing and normalisation of the skin's metabolism, the skin truly acquires a glow…and the effects are lasting. The fangocur Mineral Masks offer just such a unique and effective deep cleaning.

Restore your natural complexion and get that healthy glow.

The action of the fangocur Mineral Masks is both comprehensive and natural:

1. Circulation in the skin is increased.
In order to thoroughly clean the skin, activity in the skin must be stimulated. Specifically, an increase in circulation is important as more "fresh" blood which is rich in oxygen is transported to the skin. Soon after application, the fango healing clay from fangocur increases circulation in the skin.

2. Metabolic processes in the skin are activated and harmful substances are shed from the skin.
The natural fango healing clay, due to its physical makeup and composition (e.g. electrolytes, minerals), activates metabolic processes in the skin. Unneeded and harmful substances are "carried" from deeper layers of the skin to the surface.

3. Harmful substances from the skin's pores are freed and transported to the surface.
The substances which are transported from the deeper layers of the skin to the surface must pass through the pores. The pores are often "blocked" and so unable to efficiently transport harmful substances. Additional help is needed. The fango healing clay absorbs the waste products like a sponge and helps the pores to release unwanted material.

4. Harmful substances are freed from the surface of the skin and absorbed.
Once the harmful substances are transported to the surface of the skin, they are absorbed by the healing clay. The fango healing clay from fangocur is extremely good at binding to substances – they are picked up and held.

5. Minor or major inflammation due to spots, pimples or blackheads is inhibited.
Unique ingredients in the fango healing clay (e.g. sulphur) work to inhibit inflammatory processes caused by spots, pimples or blackheads. This encourages the skin to heal.

6. Anti-microbial action: any remaining micro-organisms on the skin are killed.
The material that is transported from the skin often contains bacteria from spots or pimples. It must be eliminated so that it cannot cause more damage to the skin. The fango healing clay is bactericidal (i.e. it kills bacteria). The skin is then allowed to return to fully normal functioning.

Get a comprehensive and deep yet gentle cleansing with the fangocur Mineral Masks.

Twice per week, cleanse your skin naturally with a fangocur Mineral Mask:

For a tired or dull complexion:
fangocur Revitalizing Mineral Mask

For stressed or overactive skin:
fangocur Relax Mineral Mask

To fight premature aging and wrinkles:
fangocur Anti-Aging Mask

For acne, spots, pimples and blackheads:
fangocur Acne Mineral Mask

For dermatitis, psoriasis and exzema:
fangocur Curative Mineral Mask

To properly clean the skin, you also need a natural sea sponge:
fangocur Natural Facial Sponge

Use our fangocur Mineral Soap for daily washing of body, face and hair.

Our natural Mineral Soaps are ideal for everyday washing (morning and evening):

For spots, pimples, blackheads or oily skin:
fangocur Acne Mineral Soap

For dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema:
fangocur Curative Mineral Soap

For normal skin, combination skin and sensitive skin:
fangocur AloeVera Mineral Soap

With our unparalleled cleansing concept, you can be sure that you're doing all you can to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. 

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