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NEW: The Purest of Healthy, Natural Salts from fangocur
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The sea Salts from fangocur are carefully harvested by hand






Unspoiled nature guarantees high quality

Salt is one of the most important natural substances and is vital to many metabolic processes in our bodies. Without salt there is no life. There’s a catch: only pure and natural salt can provide what’s needed. Now fangocur offers this essential foodstuff in the purest form available.

All Salt is not Equal – Only Quality Salts are Truly Healthy

We've heard it over and over again: salt can be harmful to your health. This is only true if you overdo it and if you use industrially processed salts. While salt which is found in mountainous regions is packed under high pressure so it has to be harvested using heavy equipment, sea salt from the world's oceans is available in its original form. The problem with sea salt is that it often contains high concentrations of heavy metals due to environmental pollution; this means that the salt has to undergo a refining process. The processing removes the unnatural substances that can be harmful to health, but at the same time the micro-nutrients are also taken out. All that's left is sodium chloride.

This is why fangocur went on the search for a salt that is good for the body which still contains needed minerals and trace elements. Success was found on the west coast of South Africa.

The Solution: Naturally Pure Sea Salt from the Coast of South Africa

Using age-old methods, the fangocur Sea Salt is harvested by hand on the south-west coast of South Africa. The location is unspoiled, far from industry and tourism, and the climate is optimal. Mother nature’s secret recipe for making this amazing salt: the cold Atlantic Ocean, warm and dry wind, and long and hot summers. The source of the fangocur Sea Salt is a salt garden in the St. Helena Bay 180km north of Cape Town. It is formed from a gigantic 400 year old underground salt lake which is continuously filled by the Atlantic Ocean. The sea water is naturally filtered as the water must pass through 2km of quartz sand, limestone and clay; any heavy metals are thus naturally removed on the way to the salt garden. You can truly see and taste the result.

A Complex Mineral Blend of 80+ Substances – Only from the Sea

Of the almost 100 substances that natural sea water contains which are useful to the body, one two remain present in refined sea salt: sodium and chloride. This is because such salts are harvested by machines, diluted into a solution and then dried with gas burners or electric ovens. Substances which are important in cellular metabolism like magnesium, iodine 12 and selenium are lost through processing. In contrast, the naturally harvested Sea Salts from fangocur have been found to contain over 80 of the original substances found in sea water. Just as in the sea, the natural complex connection and the proper concentration is maintained, ideally beneficial for cells and their metabolism.

Sea Salts from fangocur Contain Only Whole Salt Crystals

In comparison to industrial salt production, for example as is commonly done in mountainous regions, hand harvesting is more gently by far. As our salts are both harvested and prepared by hand, the salt remains unchanged in its natural form and the preservation of the valuable minerals and trace elements from the sea is ensured.

Make change for the better and enjoy the great tasting, healthy salts from fangocur:

fangocur Naturally Fine Sea Salt
fangocur Naturally Fine Sea Salt (Triple Pack)

fangocur Naturally Coarse Sea Salt
fangocur Naturally Coarse Sea Salt (Triple Pack)

fangocur Sea Salt with Herbs & Blossoms
fangocur Sea Salt with Herbs & Blossoms (Triple Pack)

fangocur Sea Salt with Chilli & Cayenne Pepper
fangocur Sea Salt with Chilli & Cayenne Pepper (Triple Pack)

fangocur Fleur de Sel
fangocur Fleur de Sel (Triple Pack)

fangocur Sea Salt Taster (5 Varieties)

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