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Save Now: Special Offer on Mouthwash from fangocur
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The 100% natural mouthwash from fangocur freshens your breath in 3 ways – guaranteed fresh breath fast! It does more than take care of bad breath; it is also an effective treatment for swollen gums, periodontitis, fever blisters and injuries to the sensitive lining of the mouth. Don't miss this opportunity to save on our unique mouthwash!

The Mouthwash from fangocur Delivers Fresh Breath Anytime – Take it with You!

Unlike a mouthwash you might find in your local shop, fangocur Mouthwash is 100% natural and free of harmful chemicals. It fights mouth problems such bad breath, swollen gums and periodontitis…all with the healing power of nature. The fangocur Mouthwash is recommended for the treatment a variety of conditions, and you can count on it to deliver fresh breath anytime.

In 90% of all cases of bad breath, the source of the embarrassing problem is in the mouth or throat; our Mouthwash can thus provide fast relief. Sometimes bad breath can be caused by digestive problems – in such cases Bentomed MICRO is the more effective way to get rid of bad breath.

Fight bad breath, periodontitis and swollen gums with the 100% natural fangocur Mouthwash. You can count on it to deliver fresh breath anytime!


fangocur Mouthwash
PRICE REDUCTION – Save over £4!

fangocur Mouthwash (Double Pack)
PRICE REDUCTION – Save almost £13!

We recommend the use of 100% natural oral care products:

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TIP: Use the fangocur Mouthwash together with one of the Mouth Sprays to instantly deliver fresh breath that lasts and lasts. Simply rinse your mouth with the Mouthwash and then use the fangocur Mouth Spray that you feel is best for you. It's the ideal way to guarantee fresh breath when you're out and about!

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