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Healing Clay Suppresses Hunger and Normalises Your Digestion
(20.06.2011) back


Healing clay is a truly amazing substance – not only for the keeping your skin and hair looking their best. It can also help you loose weight! As added benefits, healing clay normalises the digestion and detoxifies the body.

Our Mineral Drink contains the unique fango healing clay which is naturally rich in minerals. This special clay is able to bind to large quantities of dietary fat as it passes through the digestive system. The result: fat does not pass into the bloodstream; instead, it is passed out of the body along with the fango healing clay. In addition, active ingredients like trace elements and minerals contained in the Mineral Drink work to improve digestion.

The Mineral Drink binds to fat and transports it out of the body while at the same time activating the digestion.

A purifying and detoxifying effect accompanies the normalising of your digestion. Enhanced digestive activity results in decreased appetite. After only a short time, you'll notice a decrease in body fat.

The Mineral Drink is not a weight loss product – it simply reduces hunger, making it easier to shed unwanted fat.

We recommend a short-term therapeutic treatment. Use the Mineral Drink in the morning and evening: add a half teaspoon of the drink powder to a half glass of water and drink. After 3 weeks, pause for a week and then repeat the treatment for and additional 3 weeks.

Normalise your digestion and get rid of excess hunger now:

Mineral Drink
3 week treatment

Mineral Drink (Double Pack)
6 week treatment

EXTRA TIP: During your cleansing with the Mineral Drink, stop using industrially produced salt and use a high-quality fangocur Sea Salt. Your complexion will improve and you'll just feel better in general.

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