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fangocur Sale: Save on Toothpaste
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Two steps to a healthy and glowing smile

The Curative Toothpaste is intended for short-term therapeutic use

The Mineral Toothpaste is for everyday use

The fangocur toothpastes, new favourites among our health care products, offer the ultimate way to care for your teeth and bring out your glowing smile. Make use of this special offer – take good care of your mouth while improving the appearance of your teeth and keeping your gums healthy!

Do you want beautiful teeth and strong, healthy gums?

A lot of toothpastes promise a glowing smile. Most of them contain artificial ingredients (for example whiteners and foaming agents) and aggressive abrasives that can actually have negative effects like causing lasting harm to the enamel of the teeth and throwing the sensitive oral environment out of balance. They may increase the whiteness of your teeth for the short-term, but over the long-term the result can be heightened oral sensitivity and irritated gums.

The toothpastes from fangocur have been medically tested!

The fangocur toothpastes contain exclusively high-quality, natural ingredients. They thoroughly clean your teeth while they soothe and strengthen your gums. Additionally our toothpastes have been medically proven to be gentle on the enamel of the teeth.

Healthy teeth and gums – here's how easy it can be…

Step 1:
When starting out, use the Curative Toothpaste for 1-2 weeks in the morning and in the evening. During this short-term therapeutic treatment you'll be fighting plaque deposits on the teeth, swollen gums (gingivitis), bleeding gums, periodontitis and bad breath. A healthy oral environment will be quickly restored. The fango healing clay contained in our toothpastes is a natural anti-inflammatory, and the mineral cleaning particles gently remove plaque and tooth discolouration.

Step 2:
After that use the Mineral Toothpaste from fangocur for everyday oral care. This helps to prevent cavities, freshen your breath and improves overall oral health. Use it to keep your teeth, gums and tongue clean and healthy.

Even after the short-term therapeutic treatment, we recommend use of the Curative Toothpaste 1-2 days per week.

Take advantage of this special offer from fangocur!

For short-term therapeutic use:

fangocur Curative Toothpaste
You save almost £3!

fangocur Curative Toothpaste (Double Pack)
You save over £5!

For everyday use:

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste
You save almost £3!

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack)
You save over £5!

This offer is only valid through 22.01.2013!

TIP: Improve your oral health with the 100% natural products from fangocur.

Curative Toothpaste
Mineral Toothpaste
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Herpes Mineral Cream

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