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Special Offer for our Regular Customers
(11.04.2011) back
Once again today you can take advantage of some attractive offers and learn more about how to improve your health and your life in general through the use of all natural products.


SALE: Save on the Curative Mineral Mask

The Curative Mineral Mask is made to treat dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions. It thoroughly cleanses your skin and fights inflammation while normalising the skin's metabolism.

Take advantage of this special offer and save over £4 when you order a Curative Mineral Mask or save almost £9 with the purchase of a double pack.

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SALE: Sea Salt – A Very Special Natural Remedy

Sea salt seems to be getting more and more criticism. It's often the case that sea salt is harvested in areas with a lot of tourism or industry, i.e. where the water is not so clean. This is not true of the sea salts from fangocur. Our salt is harvested off the west coast of South Africa, an idyllic environment which offers sea salt free of heavy metals. Such natural salt truly is a wonderful natural remedy.

You can now save almost £9 on the fangocur Sea Salt Taster (5 varieties)!

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A glowing smile starts with proper oral care!

It's not luck that brings a glowing smile – healthy teeth require proper care. Commonly available oral care products contain a wealth of artificial ingredients which can cause long-term harm to the the teeth and gums.

The quality 100% natural ingredients in the products from fangocur help you to get that shining and healthy smile. Prevent cavities, remove plaque, soothe swollen gums and get rid of bad breath with our oral care products.

Now is the time for healthier teeth and gums with fangocur!

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