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fangocur Sale: Deep Cleansing Mineral Masks
(02.09.2013) back

Natural deep cleansing with the Mineral Masks from fangocur

For a fresh and glowing complexion

The skin is under a lot of stress from the environment. A deep cleansing is what's needed to restore your healthy complexion.

Buy one and save! Buy two and save even more!
The fangocur Mineral Masks deliver quality skin care.

As the skin is under severe strain from not only the environment but also due to stress and poor diet, the colour and texture of the skin can suffer. Through a deep and thorough but at the same time gentle cleaning of the skin, the strains on the skin can be effectively countered with the use of a fangocur Mineral Mask. Circulation in the skin is increased while harmful substances are transported to the surface of the skin and eliminated.

Using a fangocur Mineral Mask results in fresh and invigorated skin along with a glowing complexion. There are different fangocur Mineral Masks for different skin types; they all offer a uniquely effective deep cleansing that at the same time normalises the metabolism of the skin.

Take advantage of these special prices and treat your skin to a deep cleaning with the fangocur Mineral Masks:


For a tired or dull complexion:
fangocur Revitalizing Mineral Mask 
Save over £4!

For stressed or overactive skin:
fangocur Relax Mineral Mask
Save over £4!

To fight premature aging and wrinkles:
fangocur Anti-Aging Mask
Save over £4!

For acne, spots, pimples and blackheads:
fangocur Acne Mineral Mask
Save over £4!
fangocur Akne Mineral Maske (Double Pack)
Save almost £9!

For dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema:
fangocur Curative Mineral Mask
Save over £4!
fangocur Curative Mineral Mask (Double Pack)
Save almost £9!

For childhood skin irritations (dermatitis, psoriasis, baby acne)
fangocur Curative Mineral Mask for Babies
Save over £4!

For cellulite:
fangocur Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack (2x100ml)
Save almost £9!

Tip: To properly clean the skin, you also need a natural sea sponge:
fangocur Natural Sponge for the Face
fangocur Natural Sponge for the Body

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