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The Best Natural Creams to Counter the Signs of Ageing
(25.03.2015) back


Top quality Mineral Creams from fangocur
The unique airtight container means that no chemical preservatives are needed
As we age, the capacity of the skin to maintain proper levels of moisture becomes less and less. It becomes more dry, encouraging wrinkles to form. You can take steps now to counter the effects of ageing. The pure and natural creams from fangocur are ideal for this purpose.

Moisturising the skin helps to maintain a youthful appearance.

If we didn't care about the natural aging process of the skin, that is to say the development of wrinkles and other changes related to aging, then theoretically we wouldn't need any cosmetic products or skin creams. Many do care about maintaining a youthful and vital appearance…and delaying the aging process is of course a part of this. Here it's important to regularly moisturize the skin and to keep it in good condition for as long as possible through proper skin care.

Naturally it's important to select the right cream and care for the skin without causing irritation or harm. Whenever possible, one should only apply natural products to the skin. The Mineral Creams from fangocur are 100% natural. Their production meets the highest of quality standards so you can rest assured that you're using the best of available skin care products. 

The fangocur Mineral Creams guarantee high quality for your skin.

  • All ingredients are naturally pure and produced in a sustainable way to promote optimal skin health.
  • The formulations are intended to support the natural functioning of your skin. This is gentle skin care: your skin is encouraged to hydrate itself while excess oil is removed. Balance is key.
  • Absolutely no artificial colours or fragrances are used, and our creams also contain no preservatives.
  • Only high quality, cold-pressed plant oils are used.
  • Whenever possible, we seek to only use certified bio plant sources. If such raw materials are not available, we encourage our suppliers to also offer products produced biologically.
  • We guarantee that no animal testing is used in the production of our skin creams.
  • A list of all ingredients is provided with every Mineral Cream(INCI).

It's about quality. It's about effectiveness.

This is precisely why we use the fango healing clay from Austria that's been renowned for centuries for its healing effects. Its anti-inflammatory and metabolism regulating effects work to improved the condition of your skin. You'll experience rapid improvement in the look and feel of your complexion together with a naturally healthy glow.

Stop the aging process and try one our top quality Mineral Creams now!

For dry skin:
Mineral Cream N°1
Mineral Cream N°1 – Double Pack

For normal skin and combination skin:
Mineral Cream N°2
Mineral Cream N°2 – Double Pack

For oily skin:
Mineral Cream N°3
Mineral Cream N°3 – Double Pack

For acne, rosacea, spots, pimples and blackheads:
Mineral Cream N°4
Mineral Cream N°4 – Double Pack

For dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema:
Mineral Cream N°5
Mineral Cream N°5 – Double Pack

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