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Movement Therapy While You Sleep
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The TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow

The TriggerSleeping pillow generates a mobilising pull on the vertebrae of the neck

The ridged shape encourages muscular relaxation and promotes air movement to keep moisture under control

Developer of TriggerSleeping pillows, Dr. Eduard Lanz

TriggerSleeping is free of harmful substances and has been Oeko-Tex 100 certified (also for baby products)
Movement is the natural function of the human body, even when sleeping. It's interesting to note that every night a sleeper changes his or her sleeping position up to 60 times... and you can even think of breathing as another kind of movement. Ideally these movements are a natural way for the muscles to relax, improving mobility in the joints.

Take a look at the pillows most people use and you'll likely be surprised to learn that they're less than optimal. When one sleeps in an unnatural position, there is pressure on the vertebrae rather than a mobilising pull. This can lead to the development of uncomfortable limitations in range of motion in the neck as well as the worsening of any existing blockages. It's important to pay attention to the warning signal that something isn't right: pain.

The symptoms below can be signs of functional problems in the vertebrae in the neck. These can be prevented or helped through the use of TriggerSleeping.

  • Headache (tension headache)
  • Stiff neck with dizziness (vertigo)
  • Trouble sleeping (teeth grinding, snoring, apnea, trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Shortness of breath causing sleep disturbances or difficulty falling asleep
  • Tension (tight muscles)
  • Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears)

The TriggerSleeping Pillow, Developed by Dr. Lanz

The “TriggerSleeping” orthopaedic pillow was developed by Dr. Eduard Lanz; it’s an improvement on the everyday sleeping pillow and moreover functions as a neck support pillow. Dr. Lanz is a specialist in orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery. He’s also a sports physician and the team doctor for a number of national teams.

TriggerSleeping is a special pillow that causes a gentle pull on the cervical spine, i.e. the vertebrae in the neck. With every breath and every movement while sleeping, the neck becomes more relaxed and free of tension. The TriggerSleeping pillow from Dr. Lanz achieves a mobilising effect that’s normally only possible on natural surfaces. It works however you sleep – the mobilising effect is the same whether you sleep on your side, on your belly or on your back.

The success principle is similar to that of warming spa baths – encouraging healthy relaxation in the neck through decreased pressure in the area along with muscle relaxation. In a hot bath, the weight of the body is supported by the water as the warmth and mineral content of natural thermal spring water encourages decreased muscle tension. When you use TriggerSleeping, every night is like a mini spa vacation – an ideal way to help you to maintain mobility as you age.

How is a TriggerSleeping pillow different?

While common sleeping pillows limit the movement of the head, TriggerSleeping promotes neck flexibility. This encourages the ideal natural effect: relaxation of muscles and reduction in the strain on joints (mobilisation) when sleeping.

TriggerSleeping "triggers" flexibility through movement in the cervical vertebrae while sleeping!

TriggerSleeping is Oeko-Tex certified so it's also great for people with allergies!

Even the filling material used in our mobility pillow meets Oeko-Tex standards; it's also made from pure bio materials. The outer covering of the TriggerSleep pillows is made from skin-friendly fibres – it also contains climate regulating fibres to better control moisture. The cover is removable and can be washed at up to 40°C. 

Dimensions: 37 cm x 52 cm x 9 cm

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