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Properly Nourish Joints and Discs
(21.01.2013) back
ArthroDisc contains all the nutrients the body needs for cartilage generation
Top orthopaedist Dr Eduard Lanz explains the effectiveness of ArthroDisc capsules
Count on ArthroDisc to fight osteoarthritis and other joint conditions
ArthroDisc has the optimal combination of quality nutrients needed for joint health

Dr Eduard Lanz is known internationally as an expert in joint and back problems

As we age, the cartilage in our joints is steadily worn down by poor posture and strain (e.g. sport) – being overweight just worsens the effect. You can do something about it! Developed by an orthopaedist and sports physician, ArthroDisc helps your joints and intervertebral discs in two ways. It contains what your body needs to build cartilage, promoting pain-free movement as you age.

What can I do about wear and tear on my joints?

Here's the first thing to keep in mind: anyone who has a joint condition should be doing something to correct it. Ignoring the problem can lead to extreme damage to the cartilage in the joints and also to joint deformity. The first things to try are eliminating one-sided strain on the body, improving posture, shedding excess weight and regularly taking part in activities to improve your fitness. To prevent the advancement of joint degeneration and to systematically build cartilage the body needs to be supplied with additional special nutrients.

ArthroDisc supports cartilage repair and joint regeneration.

Based on his many years of experience, leading orthopaedist and sports physician Dr Eduard Lanz developed ArthroDisc. It provides the joints with all the nutrients necessary for cartilage generation, enhancing the metabolism of joint cartilage and stimulating the body's own cartilage repair mechanisms. Additionally the elasticity, lubrication and dampening capacity of the cartilage is renewed. Aches and pains as well as movement limitations are reduced or eliminated!

ArthroDisc contains a unique combination of quality ingredients!

ArthroDisc contains only ingredients of the highest quality. The optimal combination of nutrients in ArthroDisc enhance the metabolism of cartilage cells and help to get rid of pain. ArthroDisc is free of sweeteners of any kind, lactose, yeast, gluten, purine and there are no artificial colors or preservatives. 

End joint pain now, and also actively prevent  joint degeneration!

Order ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules (120 caps)

Order ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules (240 caps)

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