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SALE - Try Our Healthy Salts Now and Save 30%
(02.10.2013) back

Untouched nature guarantees high quality


Salt is one of the most important natural products for health as it plays a role in so many metabolic processes in our bodies. It's clear that pure and naturally processed salt is best. Now fangocur offers this delicious ingredient in the purest form.

Only quality salts keep us truly healthy so it's best to only cook with healthy salts

We here it all the time: salt is bad for your health. This is only true if you consume to much and if the salt you use is industrially processed. There can be a problem with more natural sea salts, in that they can contain high concentrations of heavy metals. Not the Sea Salts from fangocur! This is because our salts are harvested in a traditional way far from factories, tourism and other pollution sources. Our salts contain important nutrients that the body needs.

Remember: cheap refined salt plays a role in heart problems and can be harmful to the body

The skin can function as a mirror of one's general health. Many foodstuffs contain a high quantity of industrially processed salt. This low quality salt, lacking in minerals and trace elements, can produce skin problems including a number of dermatological conditions. In contrast, the Sea Salts from fangocur can be especially beneficial for the body. The pleasant and intense taste make them a naturally delicious addition to your spice collection.

More than 80 ingredients – a complex mineral mix that can only come from the sea.

Of the more than 100 substances found in naturals sea water, many of which are important for human health, only two remain present in refined sea salts: sodium and chloride. Compare this to the Sea Salts from fangocur which still contain over 80 different substances found in sea water. These can have a positive influence on metabolism in general as well as improving the cellular environment.

FROM TODAY through the 10th of October 2013 YOU SAVE 30%!

Take advantage of this VERY SPECIAL OFFER and improve your cooking with our healthy salts! 


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