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fangocur Travel Kit: For Trouble-Free Holidays!
(25.07.2012) back
Time for holidays! Time to see the sights! Time for some hard-earned relaxation! Wouldn't it be a shame if some kind of health problem ruined all your fun? Our tip: remember to pack products from fangocur!


Remember to pack...the fangocur travel kit!

Diarrhoea and food poisoning are among the most common of holiday complaints. The fangocur MINERAL DRINK helps you to eliminate harmful substances from your body and put a stop to acute diarrhoea. Don't forget to also pack your favorite MINERAL MASKS so you'll be ready for insect bites, fever blisters, spots and pimples. After too much time in the sun, our MINERAL CREAM N°5 can be a great help.

Order now and look forward to trouble-free holidays!




Bentomed contains the purist natural volcanic healing clay. It's highly effective against a wealth of digestive troubles – from acute indigestion to heartburn to extreme chronic inflammation. It's also perfect as a short-term detox therapy…a way to do something good for your digestive system twice a year. It works by taking up harmful micro-organisms – they are killed and then passed from the body. At the same time, you're provided with valuable minerals and trace elements that help to regulation metabolism and intestinal function.

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All fangocur MINERAL MASKS contain a combination of our special "Gossendorf fango" healing clay, water and a condition-specific blend of quality essential oils. They're all 100% natural!

Our MINERAL MASKS work systematically: first they increase the metabolism and circulation, deep cleaning the skin and drawing out harmful substances like a sponge. Next is the effects of the sulfer contained in all the masks: it kills microorganisms and reduces inflammation. Finally the skin is provided with important minerals and trace elements, renewing the skin and aiding in restoring the natural balance.

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fangocur MINERAL CREAM N°5

MINERAL CREAM N°5 is a very economical and natural skin cream that contains extremely fine particles of healing clay. It's been formulated especially for inflamed skin. It moisturises the skin, lessens irritation and prevents drying and cracking, making it very useful for conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and childhood rashes.

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