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fangocur Bentomed - A New Natural Remedy
(02.04.2013) back
The Gossendorf fango contained in Bentomed is a very unique healing clay
Bentomed contains a healing clay that's been treasured for centuries for its health benefits

Every since its launch, Bentomed has been among our most loved products. Today we'll be providing some information about the positive effects of Bentomed.

Bentomed – Hundreds of Years of Positive Experience in the Making

For centuries, people lived without modern medicines and instead used things found in nature. To stay fit and healthy, a variety of natural substances were needed to address health problems – either to lessen the complaints related to a variety of illnesses or to heal them completely. Healing clay was found to improve health and was used for a variety of ailments that on the surface didn't seem to be connected. At the time people didn't know why it worked, but they did recognise the usefulness of this special clay. They found that people who were suffering with indigestion, for example stomach pain, felt better again after ingesting some of this clay. Pregnant women intuitively knew to use healing clay to balance deficiencies in trace elements like iron and calcium. In cases of  injuries with inflammation, healing clay was used for its antibacterial and wound healing effects.

It Took Modern Medicine to Solve the Puzzle of the Healing Effectiveness

The use of healing clay was based solely on intuition…the experience of previous generations. Only in the last century has the basis for the many healing effects of healing clay been found. Its effectiveness comes down to a number of physical mechanisms that fit together perfectly to restore and maintain balance in the human body. Making use of these effects, Bentomed contains the best healing clay available.

Healing Effect 1: High Binding Capacity of Bentomed

Bentomed is made with Gossendorf fango. This Austrian healing clay is known for its capacity to pick up and bind to large quantities of liquid. It absorbs many times its own volume in fluid, like a sponge.

Healing Effect 2: Selective Binding to Positively Charged Fluids

The positive electrical charge of Bentomed means that Bentomed primarily binds to fluids with an even greater positive charge. In this way, Bentomed can differentiate between good and bad fluids in the body. For example, excess acidity in the body is reduced via this mechanism.

Healing Effect 3: Capacity for Ion Exchange and Free Radical Reduction

Ion exchange is based on the effect of the electrical charge that was noted above. It works like this: initially the positively charged minerals are bound to the the healing clay in Bentomed. When it comes into contact with so-called "free radicals" in the body which have a greater positive charge, they are picked up by the healing clay and and the useful minerals are left behind. This is the exchange in action – the free radicals, which play a role in heart disease, cancer and the aging process, are taken up by the tiny clay particles and passed out of the body while Bentomed provides beneficial minerals and trace elements.

Healing Effects 4: The Anti-Bacterial Effects

Bentomed can also bind to harmful bacteria and encourage them to pass out of the body. Because of their positive electrical charge, the harmful bacteria in the body can thus be "recognised" by the clay particles.

Healing Effect 5: Additional Effects of the Minerals, Vitamins and Trace Elements

A number of important minerals and trace elements are needed to give the body additional energy, and also help to maintain or restore balace in the body. Every one of the many elements (sulphur, manganese, calcium and many more) is known for health promoting effects. In addition, the barley grass contained provides essential nutrients and the herbal essences help to soothe the stomach and intestinal tract.

What is the best way to get all the benefits of the healing clay?

It's easy to recommend that everyone try Bentomed. There's no need to wait until warning signs appear (in the form of illness). Bentomed should be used as a preventative every three months – then use Bentomed for three weeks in the morning and in the evening. This will result in the neutralising of acid in the body as well as detoxification and overall cleansing. In addition you get minerals and trace elements in the purest and most natural form…no other natural supplement can offer this.

Bentomed can be used for the following conditions:

- Gastritis
- Stomach ulcers
- Heartburn
- Gas and bloating
- Indigestion
- Intestinal ulcers
- Ulcerative colitis
- Crohn's disease
- Diarrhoea
- High cholesterol

Take advantage of the positive effects of Bentomed and the Bentomed MICRO with our very unique healing clay!

Use Bentomed a preventative, to detoxify the body and for digestive system complaints.

Bentomed MICRO
Use Bentomed MICRO for diarrhoea and high cholesterol.

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