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NEW: Our Improved Mineral Drink is Called Bentomed
(30.01.2013) back
Bentomed contains three natural and effective remedies to improve your health
Bentomed: new package, new recipe and more benefits
Bentomed MICRO is effective against bad breath, diarrhoea and high cholesterol
Bentomed MICRO: with fine healing clay, new ingredients and more benefits
Naturally pure fango healing clay is the basis of Bentomed
The renowned "Gossendorf Fango" healing clay is the basis of Bentomed
Barley grass is one of the most valuable foods
We use the highest quality bio barley grass available
Our herb essences are known to improve digestive system health
Naturally pure essences of a secret blend of herbs that are known for their health benefits for the stomach and intestinal tract
The effectiveness and the taste of Bentomed have been perfected
The new Bentomed is easy to prepare and tastes good

Over the years our Mineral Drink has been a favourite due to its many positive health effects. Now we've significantly improved both the effectiveness and the taste of the drink – the new trademarked name is "Bentomed".

Bentomed: Triple Effective with a Combination of 3 Natural Remedies

The Mineral Drink and Mineral Drink MICRO contain only pure healing clay. We've added two important natural healing remedies to Bentomed and Bentomed MICRO: barley grass and herbal essences.

1. "Gossendorf Fango" volcanic healing clay, rich in important minerals

With Bentomed, our special healing clay also forms the basis for the unique effects on the stomach and intestinal tract. It works in two ways, namely through the important minerals and trace elements it contains and also through its physical properties. The tiny particles of the clay take up fluid and harmful substances that can cause gas, allowing them to be passed out of the body. Based on the principle of ion exchange, harmful substances are picked up and important minerals and trace elements are left in their place. Additionally, our healing clay reduces inflammation and is anti-bacterial.

2. Barley grass is one of the most precious foodstuffs and has pure and natural vitamins

For hundreds of years, barley grass has been recognised as one of the most precious foods. It naturally contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and proteins (amino acids) necessary for maintaining good health as well as an especially high level of chlorophyll.

Our requirements for vitamins are becoming higher and higher due to changes in how we live today. The concentrations of vitamins in fruits and vegetables are falling due to more industrial food production methods. Many take vitamins to supplement this lack in the diet. For vitamins to be effective in supporting good health, they have to contain natural ingredients and not synthetically produced supplements. Natural barley grass contains about 30 times as much B vitamins as milk, 6 times the vitamin C found in an apple and 7 times as much vitamin A as that found in Spinach.

Another important component of barley grass is chlorophyll, the "blood of the plants". It is almost identical to the blood pigment found in the human body (haemoglobin) and so its helpful in enhancing vitality and is effective against anaemia.

The natural vitamins and other ingredients found in the barley grass are important for many of the metabolic processes in the body, likewise for the digestion. They encourage a natural acid-base balance in the body and are important in healthy digestive function.

3. Pure and natural herbal essences support the development of healthy gut flora

Essences of choice plant oils help to optimise the working of the digestive system. Naturally pure herbal oils like peppermint, fennel and aniseed have quick relaxing and calming effects and are helpful in reducing cramping. They support the intestinal tract and the development of healthy gut flora.

Better Taste Thanks to Mother Nature

We've heard from so many people who love the amazing effectiveness of our Mineral Drinks, but at the same time let us know that the taste took some getting used to. For us, the effectiveness was always most important and so we were hesitant to add ingredients just to improve the tast. With the addition of barley grass and the herbal essences, we have reached an optimal end result – perfecting the effectiveness and and the taste. We're proud to announce that you won't have to get used to the taste of Bentomed. It tastes good.

What does one need to keep in mind when using Bentomed and Bentomed MICRO?

Using Bentomed is almost exactly the same as using the Mineral Drinks, but there are a few differences:

  • Take a full teaspoon instead of a half a teaspoon
  • Increase the amount of water used from 1/8 litre auf 1/4 litre
  • Pause and stir the drink a few times while you're drinking it

As one now uses twice as much, naturally we also doubled the amount contained from 100ml to 200ml.

Just as with the Mineral Drink, we also offer Bentomed in a version with extremely fine particles: Bentomed MICRO.

Proven Effective for the Following Conditions:

Bentomed is effective against indigestion, constipation, heartburn, gas, irritable bowel, stomach ulcers, gastritis, gout, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease.

Bentomed MICRO is effective against diarrhoea, high cholesterol and bad breath.


Save money and get to know Bentomed and Bentomed MICRO, with it's triple effectiveness and improved taste.

Bentomed (200ml) - now £25.11 (normally £29.41)
Bentomed Double Pack (2x200ml) - now £45.92 (normally £54.52)

Bentomed MICRO (200ml) - now £25.63 (normally £29.93)
Bentomed MICRO Double Pack (2x200ml) - now £46.96 (normally £55.56)

Your opinion is important to us!

We would truly appreciate your feedback once you've given Bentomed or Bentomed MICRO a try. Please write to us at and include "Bentomed" in the subject line. We'd love to hear about your experience: how it works, how it tastes, how you use it. We look forward to receiving your comments!

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