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Unbelievable! Pain-Free Movement Really Is Possible
(08.07.2019) back


Pain-free movement is also possible for you

Mineral Clay Sheets help your discs and joints to regenerate

Red and green capsule from ArthroDisc for joints and discs

TriggerSleeping helps muscles to relax while you sleep

Gentle on the go movement therapy with TriggerSeating

TriggerMoving insoles encourage proper movement and help to prevent postural problems
Are you someone who always suffers with muscle aches or joint pain? Have you noticed that some movements are no longer so easy for you to do? Today we'll show you just how easy it is to restore your mobility. Physical pain can be a thing of the past.

Easily Rid of Acute Muscle Pain with the Mineral Hot/Cold Pack

The Mineral Pack from fangocur helps to restore mobility to damaged or stiff joints – likewise muscle tension – in two ways, and it's ideal for at-home use:

  • First off, they can be used long-term on affected body areas to provide deep heat (for tension, muscle or joint problems) or deep cooling (for acute injuries and inflammation).
  • Second, there's the action of the fango healing clay that's used to make the Fango Mineral Clay Sheets. Thanks to the many useful contents of the healing clay – including sulphur, copper, magnesium, zinc and iron – our Mineral Hot/Cold Packs both fight inflammation and help to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.

You'll notice the positive effects of the Mineral Pack in only a few days…using them is simply good for you, and as time passes your complaints become less and less.

Order the Mineral Clay Sheets

More Things You Can Do to Improve Your Long-Term Mobility

If we're talking about maintaining mobility as you age, we have to mention four additional proven methods, all of them developed by Dr Eduard Lanz, an internationally renowned sports physician and orthopaedist:

ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules have been developed for people who suffer with joint conditions related to physical activity, aging, poor posture and excess weight. The nutrients they contain help to regenerate cartilage and enhance friction-free movement.

Order ArthroDisc

TriggerSleeping – the orthopaedic mobility pillow, thanks to its special shape, generates a gentle pull on the head. This means that the neck relaxes more and more as the tension decreases with every breath and movement while you sleep. The natural result is increased flexibility.

Order TriggerSleeping

TriggerSeating – the mobilising backrest orthopaedically optimises your time spent behind the wheel. The patented trigger points improve movement in your spine, support your lower back and relieve strain on your discs – all conditions that are usually made worse by time spent in the car.

Order TriggerSeating

TriggerMoving – the insoles developed by Dr Lanz do not limit the movement of the foot as common insoles do – TriggerMoving insoles mobilise the feet. The cause of many physical complaints – from disc problems to simple muscle tension – often lies in seldom noticed poor positioning of the foot. TriggerMoving corrects such dysfunctions, encouraging optimal posture…and that is helpful in preventing damage to joints and spinal discs.

Order TriggerMoving Comfort insoles
Order TriggerMoving ProSport insoles
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