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Eliminate Tension While You Sleep
(21.03.2022) back
Movement therapy while you sleep
This pillow ensures a healthy and rejuvenating night of sleep
Every movement and every breath has a mobilising effect
The TriggerSleeping pillow from Dr Lanz exerts a mobilising pull on the cervical spine
The fins allow air movement, keeping the moisture level in check
The ribbed shape means that the pillow adapts to every movement of your head
Dr Eduard Lanz, developer of the TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow
Dr Lanz is an internationally renowned orthopaedic expert
So many physical complaints, among them headaches and neck stiffness as well as sleeping problems or difficulty falling asleep, have muscle tension as their root cause. Relatedly, it’s a relatively unknown fact that most tension develops while we sleep. You can rely on the unique mobility enhancing pillow from Dr Lanz to lessen or even entirely eliminate muscle tension.

The idea behind the mobility pillow from Dr Lanz

Normal pillows hold the head in a more or less fixed position when you lay down. The pillow responds to the weight of your head and allows a depression to form. This means that head and neck movement while you sleep becomes limited. Movement can only take place by moving your whole body, for example by rolling over, so the head and neck likewise turn and take up a new position. Even so, the periodic immobility of your head leads to a build-up of muscle tension, leading of course to all of the complaints that go along with neck and shoulder tension.

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It's a different story when you use a TriggerSleeping Mobility Pillow, developed by leading orthopaedist Dr Eduard Lanz. The pillow is made from a foam that deforms very little so your head sinks in much less. Instead, the shape of the pillow means that it exerts a gentle pull on the cervical region of the spine, i.e. the neck. This happens as you lay your head on the higher side of the pillow, and gravity thus draws your head to the lower side of the pillow. Additionally, the foam within the pillow is not flat but ribbed (see photo), making it better at adapting to the shape and position of your head and neck. The mobility pillow follows your every single movement, even breathing, leading to reduced tension in your upper back and shoulders.

Thanks to the unique way the TriggerSleeping pillow works, it effectively turns every movement or breath while you sleep into a release of tension in your cervical spine. It works whether you prefer to sleep on your side or on your back, or even if you're a belly sleeper…stretched out or curled up in a ball, laying straight in your bed or across the mattress.

>> Movement therapy while you sleep

For what conditions is the TriggerSleeping Pillow helpful?

A TriggerSleeping pillow can help you in resolving any problem that may be caused by functional problems in the spinal vertebrae or the musculature of the neck:

  • Tension
  • Headache
  • Stiff neck with dizziness (vertigo)
  • Sleeping-related problems (teeth grinding, snoring, apnoea, trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Difficult sleeping or falling asleep
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Enjoy movement therapy every night while you sleep!

Order the mobility pillow from Dr Lanz today and you pay nothing for shipping!

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