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Über fangocur
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Highest certification class for fangocur drink remedies
(15.05.2013) back
The source of the "Gossendorf fango" healing clay
Our drink remedies fight heartburn, diarrhoea, gas and much more
Drink remedies from fangocur can be used to treat digestive complaints
Class IIa approval for fangocur Mineral Drink and Mineral Drink MICRO
Class IIa medical certification for use internally


The term "medical device" is protected and describes products that serve an medical/therapeutic purpose and work not in a pharmacological way but rather due to their physical characteristics.

A brief overview of the history of our certification

In July of 1981 "Gossendorf fango" was recognised by the regional government of Styria (Austria) as a healing aluvial mud.

In 2009, fangocur was certified by TÜV Austria to produce and distribute medical devices. Connected with the certification, the Mineral Drink and the Mineral Drink MICRO were recognised as Class I medical devices, useful in the treatment and alleviation of illness.

The highest possible classification for the fangocur drink remedies

The amazing success with the Mineral Drink and the Mineral Drink MICRO as well as with Bentomed and Bentomed MICRO prompted fangocur to further confirm the effects for each individual ailment through additional certifications, literature references and research. Here are the results: since April of 2013 two of our drink remedies have achieved the highest possible certification (Class IIa) as medical devices. This means that their high quality and effectiveness have been confirmed, consolidated and recognized as being at an even higher level.

How "Gossendorf fango" healing clay works

"Gossendorf fango", the special healing clay contained in the fangocur drink remedies, has special physical properties that allow it to take up both fluid and gaseous harmful substances and move them out of the body. Through a so-called ion exchange, valuable minerals and trace elements are passed on to the body. Additionally, our "Gossendor fango" is both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Mineral Drink and Bentomed are effective against the following conditions:
- Chronic gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach)
- Duodenal ulcers (intestinal ulcers)
- Ventricular ulcers (stomach ulcers)
- Chronic enteritis (inflammatory illness affecting the small intestine)
- Heartburn
- Gas and bloating
- Sensitive stomach, irritable bowel
- Indigestion
- Constipation
- Gout

Mineral Drink MICRO and Bentomed MICRO are effective against the following conditions:
- Osmotic and secretory diarrhoea
- Ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammation of the lower intestine)
- Crohn's disease
- Bad breath (halitosis)
- High cholesterol

The fangocur drink remedies:

Mineral Drink - at only £23.74
MIneral Drink Double Pack - at only £43.17

Mineral Drink MICRO - at only £25.63
Mineral Drink MICRO Double Pack - at only £46.96

Bentomed - at only £29.41
Bentomed Double Pack - at only £54.52

Bentomed MICRO - at only £29.93
Bentomed MICRO Double Pack - at only £55.56

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