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fangocur Tip - Holiday Driving without Back Pain
(16.06.2014) back
Pain-free, relaxed driving
Enjoy relaxing while you drive, free of pain
Built-in trigger points
Built-in trigger points help the muscles to relax and increase mobility

Tip: Save more than £15 when you order two TRIGGERSeating backrests

The summer holidays go hand in hand with traveling, and often that means the stress of hours spent driving. Spending a lot of time traveling by car can be an enormous strain on the spine. With TriggerSeating, driving can actually benefit your back health – holiday driving without back pain!

Auto travel almost certainly leads to back pain and  tension.

Unfortunately normal automobile seats can be anything but back-friendly. For this reason, sitting for extended periods often leads to back tension, both for driver and passengers. As the driver has to operate the pedals, the torso is not properly supported. Additionally, the driver is called on to pay close attention – especially when there's heavy traffic – and this can lead to greater muscle strain and lasting tension. With a lot of driving, this stress on the body can even make one shorter…by over an inch! Back problems and muscle tension are thus commonly result from time in the car.

Existing pack problems can be worsened by hours of driving.

It's common knowledge that the pain related to spinal problems like disc prolapse can be almost unbearable. Even with everyday back pain, the weaker areas in the back and the rest of the body are put under greater strain when one spends time in the car, stressing these already problematic areas further. The important regeneration of the spine, neck and shoulders is interrupted every time one travels by car.

Dr. Lanz's TRIGGERSeating – enjoy pain-free summer driving.

Your back is held in place by normal automobile seats, and the movement of the spine is reduced considerably. TRIGGERSeating to the rescue! The shape of this special backrest, combined with the built-in trigger points, ensure that muscle tension does not increase while driving – in fact, you relax more when traveling. Tense muscles and pain become a thing of the past. Proper breathing is also encouraged, and that in turn can decrease feelings of tiredness and increase your ability to pay attention.

TRIGGERSeating is the solution – your back problems are history:

TriggerSeating Backrest

TriggerSeating Backrest (Double Pack)

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