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NEW: Natural All-Purpose Cleaner is Easy on the Skin and the Environment
(07.08.2013) back

Environmentally friendly All-Purpose Cleaner for windows, mirrors, floors, tabletops and doors

A FREE spray bottle is now included

In our intensive search for natural and healthy products, the fangocur team came across a unique natural cleaning product that's made by a well-known company in Austria. This company specialises in the production of cleaning products that are gentle on the skin. Today we would like to offer you a very special All-Purpose Cleaner that's both easy on your skin and the environment!

Natural Cleaning – No Skin Irritation or Negative Health Effects 

Cleaning products often contain a wealth of irritating chemicals, including questionable ingredients like synthetic surfacing agents. They can be harmful to your health, not only while you're cleaning but throughout the day as residue from the cleaning products used is still present on the surfaces that you cleaned. This then can come into contact with your skin as well as the foods you eat and thus be absorbed into the body. Skin rashes and itching are only some examples of the many possible effects of this contact. With the new eco-friendly All-Purpose Cleaner from fangocur, you can avoid contact with such harmful substances.

Cleaning Power with Mild Ingredients – Ideal for Sensitive Skin

The All-Purpose Cleaner from fangocur is a quality, ecologically friendly cleaning concentrate that's made with naturally pure essential oils. It can be used on all smooth and polished surfaces, including windows, mirrors, tabletops, floors and doors along with many vehicle surfaces. A purely mild plant base delivers cleaning power that is still gentle on the skin. This cleaning product is especially suitable for people with skin conditions as well as those more sensitive skin in general.

Very Economical to Use 

The All-Purpose Cleaner is highly concentrated, making it very economical to use. You decide on the proper concentration for the cleaning task at hand. The All-Purpose Cleaner is delivered with a versatile spray bottle – a half litre of All-Purpose Cleaner is enough to fill the spray bottle up to 200 times, depending on the concentration you use. It's not advised to use a higher concentration than is recommended as this can result in excessive foaming. This foam residue of course has to be rinsed away with additional water. Please don't waste water! This product thus protects the environment as well as your pocket book –  a little goes a long way!

Now is the time to start using this unique, eco-friendly All-Purpose Cleaner!

fangocur All-Purpose Cleaner
(includes free spray bottle)

fangocur All-Purpose Cleaner (Double Pack)
(includes free spray bottle)
£21.33  (You save over £4!) 

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