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Help for your back and joints!
(19.02.2014) back

Do something good for your back and joints!

As we age, the back and joint suffer under the effects of use and wear. This is true for everyone. To keep you free of pain to a ripe old age, you should take preventative steps now.

The most common complaints related to aging involve the back and joints.

The moving parts of the body are always under the strain of everyday use, of slowing wearing out. Depending on the level of physical stress, related symptom affect some people earlier on and others at a later age. The sources of the symptoms include age-related wear, being overweight, repeated one-sided movements, long-term strain or simply insufficient movement. The most important thing to do to preserve back and joint health is to minimise strain and to keep physically fit and strong. You can reduce strain on the body by eating well and regularly taking part in physical activity, including some kind of endurance activity. Many people forget the targeted strengthening of problem areas is crucial.

Strengthen your back and joints with fangocur Fango Sheets!

In addition to a reduction in physical strain, you should also take steps regularly to strengthen your joints. One way to do this is a treatment with Fango Sheets from fangocur 2 or 3 times per year. Fango Sheets provide deep warming that penetrates into the joints and vertebrae. The heat along with the minerals contained in the Fango Sheets increase the metabolism. In this way, the condition of the tendons, cartilage and lubricating fluid within the joint is improved, enhancing their capacity to stand up to everyday use.

From now on, every time you're behind the wheel can include movement therapy that strengthens your spine.

An additional very effective possibility for strengthening your back as well as your joints it TRIGGERSeating from fangocur. Thanks to its special shape, this automobile backrest ensures that your position while driving is no longer stiff – instead your upper body as well as your legs become more mobile as you drive. TRIGGERSeating encourages gentle movement throughout the body, resulting in a kind of movement training while you're on the go. There is one important side effect: never again will you suffer with back pain after a road trip!


Now is the time to do something good for your back and joints:

Fango Sheets
Strengthen your back and joints with deep heating and minerals!

Movement therapy while you drive!

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