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New Product: Bentovital for Long-Term Use
(10.02.2014) back

As you'd expect, Bentovital contains our "Gossendorf fango" healing clay

We use high quality, biologically grown barley grass

Naturally pure fennel essential oil has proven to support the stomach and intestinal tract

Time and time again, we've received questions along the lines of "Which fangocur drink remedy should I use as a preventative or when my complaints are only mild, for example after I've completed a short-term treatment with Bentomed?" The answer to the question is Bentovital – it's our new nature powered product, and it's made for long-term use.

Bentomed and Bentomed MICRO are 100% natural remedies that have been officially recognised for their therapeutic qualities. This means that the dosage as well as the time of use have been clearly specified. It doesn't make sense to take either of them on an long-term basis as they is quite concentrated – this can lead to the body becoming used to them. If you're looking for a fangocur drink to use as a preventative or when symptoms are more mild, for example after you've already used Bentomed or Bentomed MICRO, you'll need something with a lower level of active ingredients combined with other natural and supportive ingredients. We've developed just such a success formula for you in our new product: Bentovital.

Bentovital - Optimised for Long-Term Use

Bentovital contains a unique new combination of natural Gossendorf fango healing clay, barley grass and fennel (as an essential oil). It has been optimized for long-term use.

1. "Gossendorf fango" volcanic healing clay with valuable minerals, but a lower concentration

As you would expect, Bentovital contains our very special healing clay – it forms the basis of its unique positive effects on the stomach and intestinal tract. On the one hand, it works via the unique contents of the clay itself, and on the other hand it works through its physical properties. The tiny particles of clay take up fluid and harmful substances that can lead to gas, encouraging them to pass out of the body. Through the ion exchange process, toxins are picked up and exchanged for the useful minerals and trace elements contained in the clay. In addition, the healing clay reduces inflammation and has anti-bacterial effects.

2. Barley grass is one of the most precious of foodstuffs – it contains a high concentration of pure and natural vitamins

For hundreds of years, barley grass has been known as one of the most precious of foodstuffs. It naturally contains all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements along with all of the enzymes and proteins (amino acids) to support life. It also has an especially high quantity of chlorophyll. Due to the living conditions today, our need for vitamins is on the rise. The concentration of vitamins in fruits and vegetables continues to fall because of industrialized farming methods, so many opt to take a multi-vitamin. For the optimal support of health, vitamins should not be synthetic but instead come from natural sources. Natural barley grass contains 30 times the amount of B vitamins contained in milk, 6 times the vitamin C contained in an apple, and 7 times the vitamin A than spinach. The chlorophyll it contains is also important – it's known as "the blood of the plants". It is almost identical to haemoglibin found in human blood, encouraging vitality and working to counter anaemia.

The barley grass contained in Bentovital has natural vitamins and other ingredients that are important for the body's metabolism as well as the digestion. They support a natural acid-base balance in the body and act as an important element in healthy lower digestive system functioning.

3. Natural and pure fennel essential oils supports a health intestinal environment

High quality essential fennel oil optimises the effects on the stomach and lower digestive system. The naturally pure herbal oil works quickly to relax and soothe while also reducing cramping. Fennel is effective in supporting intestinal function and relatedly improving the environment for health micro-organisms living in the intestinal tract.

Bentovital is for regular, everyday use!

Bentovital is an effective preventative against gastritis, intestinal and stomach ulcers, chronic enteritis, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, gas and bloating, diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and high cholesterol.

Bentovital (300ml)
Enough for 2 months when used daily

Bentovital Double Pack (2x300ml)
Enough for 4 months when used daily

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