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Troubles with digestion, skin problems, inflammation along with a number of other health conditions were treated by more "primitive" cultures using the power of natural clay. Just what is in this clay that even today is known as healing clay, and what makes it such a natural treasure?

Detoxifying and Anti-Inflammatory – Healing Clay Helps Keep You Healthy!

The unique healing clay used in the products from fangocur contains a wealth of minerals and trace elements. The sulfur it contains has anti-inflammatory effects. The grains of the clay are very small so the clay has a large surface area – ideal for binding to toxins and encouraging them to pass from the body.

Important: Produced with Care to Maintain the Highest Level of Quality

Fango healing clay from fangocur is handled with care: no heating is used. Products are produced by hand to keep the quality high and maintain the natural form of our healing clay. Only in this way can one benefit from the natural healing effects.

Enjoy the Healthy and Natural Effectiveness of the Products from fangocur

Fango healing clay has been described as a genuine miracle remedy. There is scarcely another natural product that delivers so many proven health benefits. The products from fangocur are not trendy wellness products – their positive effects have been medically proven. In the past, the problem was that healing clay could be difficult to use…often resulting in a real mess. With fangocur products, you can make use of this natural treasure without any reduction in the natural effects.

You'll be amazed by the effectiveness of our proven healing clay products:

Health Cosmetic Line
first Bio health cosmetics from fangocur

fangocur - Healing Clay Masks
for skin problems like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea…or simply for more beautiful skin

fangocur - Natural Skin Creams
the ideal natural skin cream for more beautiful and healthy skin, with no irritating chemical additives
fangocur - Natural Soaps
the most gentle, natural way to clean your skin, especially helpful for problem skin

fangocur - Peloid Remedies
used for internal cleansing and detoxification as well as digestive system conditions like gastritis

fangocur - Oral Hygiene Products
ideal for bad breath and other problems, e.g. swollen gums and periodontitis

fangocur - Physiotherapy Products
the renowned mineral clay packs for backache, muscle pain and joint conditions

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