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Avoiding Bad News from the Dentist
(02.02.2015) back
Healthy teeth and health gums are things everyone should strive for
A healthy oral environment is possible for everyone, just by taking a few simple step
Eating healthy and regularly restoring normal acid-base balance are keep the body working well
A healthy diet, including a lot of fruits and vegetables, also strengthens resistance to oral health problems
Regular professional cleaning is essential for good oral health
Your dentist is an important partner in maintaining healthy teeth and gums
It is essential to brush your teeth twice per day and floss regularly to maintain healthy teeth and gums
Everyday tooth care, including cleaning the teeth and the spaces between the teeth, is something everyone should put a high priority on
Bentomed neutralises excess acid in the stomach and intestines, thus supporting the immune system
Using Bentomed, you can normalise your intestinal environment within 2 weeks
Bentovital should be used every day – it's 100% natural
Bentovital provides nutrients and helps to ensure that your immune system keeps going strong
Our Curative Toothpaste is the natural way to fight calculus, plaque and oral inflammation
In just 2 weeks, the Curative Toothpaste removes stubborn plaque and fights gum inflammation
Natural cavity protection with xylitol, for everyday use
Our Mineral Toothpaste is also free of fluoride and delivers natural protection from cavities, healthy teeth, healthy gums
Bentoforte cleans the entire mouth and throat, including between the teeth and under the tongue
Bentoforte is a natural mouthwash that can reach places that a toothbrush cannot
The Mouth Spray fights bad breath
Our Mouth Spray ensures that you have fresh breath whenever you need it, for example after strong smelling food or drink
Rapidly fights bacteria in the oral environment in a natural way
Herpes Mineral Cream offers quick help for fever blisters, cold sores and wounds within the mouth

Regardless whether tooth pain, gum inflammation, periodontitis or bad breath, oral health problems can really bring down one's quality of life. In this newsletter we would like to let you know about a few ways to prevent or eliminate some oral health complaints.

Oral Health Problems Can Take Away from Whole Body Health!

Problems with the mouth and throat are all too common, and at the same time very uncomfortable. The mouth is where the digestive process begins – one might notice problems here every time food or drink are consumed. Good oral health also plays a crucial role in one's appearance. Unhealthy teeth or bad breath give the impression to others that personal hygiene is not high on the priority list, and this can in turn lead to lowered self confidence in social situations.

If you suffer with any of the following conditions then you can be sure that you have some kind of health problem related to your mouth or throat: 

  • Tooth pain
  • Cavities
  • Periodontitis
  • Swollen gums
  • Frequent sores in the mouth
  • Calculus on the teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Hoarseness (i.e. "losing your voice")
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat

There are of course a number of causes for such problems. Often the cause has to do with an imbalance in the oral environment – more precisely, excess bacteria has been allowed to accumulate. Anaerobic bacteria have become more widespread than aerobic bacteria. For this reason, it's important that a balance is maintained or restored among the bacteria colonies of the mouth. This is essential to good oral health.

There has also been a lot of scientific research surrounding the consequences of oral health problems. Today it is common knowledge that health problems of the mouth can impact the health of the entire body, and left untreated can lead to less serious problems like headache or malaise…or even very dangerous conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

The Best Things You Can Do to Maintain Good Oral Health

We believe that a holistic approach to life is necessary in order to eliminate problems in the mouth and throat, likewise to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The following tips will help you in restoring and maintaining good oral health for the long term.

  1. Upgrade your diet habits. Make sure to enjoy a balanced diet that includes a good amount of fruits and vegetables, and avoid excess consumption of sugary snacks and drinks. Food with a high sugar content should be enjoyed as a special treat and should not be a fixed part of your diet. Try to avoid ready-made foods as well as industrially produced foods in general. Try to eat fresh foods of the highest quality available.

  2. Balance excess acid in your body and keep your digestion healthy: Something that many people are unaware of is that a healthy and balanced environment in your digestive system enhances the effectiveness of the immune system, thus helping to prevent problems in the mouth and throat. Oral sores and blister, swollen gums and bad breath can all be addressed in this way. To eliminate excess acid in the system and to restore a healthy digestive environment, we recommend using our pure and Bentomed drink remedy, followed up if possible with regular use of Bentovital.

  3. Have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly. It's a good idea to pay a visit to your dentist twice per year for a thorough tooth cleaning. Health teeth and gums can only be achieved through close cooperation with your dentist. Even the best of oral hygiene practices that you might perform on your own are not enough to take care of all the problems, for example problems caused by bits of food left in the mouth for an extended period.

  4. Thoroughly brush your teeth twice per day: Use the softest toothbrush available, and if possible use an electric tooth brush. Take your time to do a good job – try to thoroughly clean and polish every tooth. Use dental floss, or better yet a special brush just for cleaning between the teeth. You can get the best advice about dental care instruments from your dentist. Be sure to rinse your mouth well with lukewarm water after you brush. Use high quality tooth paste. Unfortunately toothpastes are among the cheapest health care products you'll find, and many common toothpastes are full of low quality and artificial ingredients. We recommend using a 100% natural toothpaste so as to avoid harming the sensitive lining of the mouth. Use our Curative Toothpaste for two weeks and then use the Mineral Toothpaste on an everyday basis. We use birch sugar (xylitol) as a cavity fighting ingredient rather than artificially produced and controversial chemical fluoride.

  5. Keep your tongue as well as your throat clean. Many people overlook the importance of the tongue and throat in maintain in good oral health. The back of the tongue is a favorite place for bacteria. Use your toothbrush to also clean your tongue every day. To reach the back of your tongue and your throat, you'll have to use some kind of rinse or mouthwash. Avoid using commonly available artificial mouthwash and instead reach for our natural Bentoforte once or twice per week. This way you'll keep areas clean that you can't reach with your toothbrush while preventing the buildup of bacteria.

  6. Get a proper amount of physical activity and avoid stress. In general it's a good idea to do what you can to improve the effectiveness of your immune system – this is helpful for most every health complaint. Take steps yourself to do something good for yourself and at the same time improve your health.

We're certain that if you follow the advice above, you'll certainly be able to make major improvements in your general health and wellbeing. Tooth pain, cavities, inflammation and periodontitis will all then fade into history.

Improve your oral health with 100% natural products:

Brush your teeth for 2 weeks using our Curative Toothpaste. Buildup on the teeth will be eliminated and gum inflammation prevented.

Curative Toothpaste
Curative Toothpaste (Double Pack)

Then use our 100% natural Mineral Toothpaste (with xylitol) regularly to help prevent cavities.

Mineral Toothpaste
Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack)

Bentoforte allows you to reach places in your mouth and throat that your toothbrush cannot. Use it once or twice a week.

Bentoforte (Double Pack)

For a healthy digestive system, it's important to restore proper pH in your stomach and intestinal tract. Use Bentomed for 2 weeks, then follow up with Bentovital every day.

Bentomed (Double Pack)
Bentovital (Double Pack)

Quick help for oral sores and blisters in the mouth both inside the mouth and on the lips.

Mineral Herpes Creme

For fresh breath now, even after garlic or coffee, you can rely on our natural mouth sprays.

Mouth Spray FRESH
Mouth Spray STRONG (longer lasting effect)

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