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The Many Negative Effects of Poor Foot Function
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TriggerMoving insoles tell your feet how to move properly

Dr Lanz, developer of TriggerMoving proprioceptive insoles

Dr Lanz is the team doctor for the Austrian Davis Cup tennis tournament participants
Commonly back and disc problems along with muscle and joint pain are at least in part caused by improper foot position. Such poor foot position can be barely noticeable, nonetheless the consequences can be quite severe. TriggerMoving insoles from Dr. Lanz work to optimize the position of your feet, even helping to correct the smallest of positioning problems.

TriggerMoving Insoles Activate the Feet – They Should Be in Every Shoe!

TriggerMoving insoles principally function by activating the soles of the feet. This means that very small raised spots or depressions on the insoles "inform" the feet how best to contact the ground, even if the ground is uneven. This immediately brings the body into a more optimal position, easing strain on the joints and spinal discs. Unlike common insoles, the feet are not locked into some fixed position – instead foot movement is encouraged.

TriggerMoving Insoles Help with Joint, Disc and Back Problems

Your feet are always busy distributing the entire weight of your body over a relatively small contact area. Minor improper positioning of the foot as well as bad shoes can lead to problems in this balancing system – it cannot function well. The body then tries to compensate for this less than ideal foot position, often involving small rotations that over time can damage the joints, intervertebral discs, the back in general and the muscular system. Many people who experience related conditions remain unaware that the deeper cause of the problem lies in foot positioning and/or less than ideal shoes. We recommend TriggerMoving insoles for anyone suffering with problems that might be related to improper posture or body use…and of course also to those looking to prevent such problems.

What conditions can TriggerMoving insoles help me to address?

  • General back problems as well as disc issues
  • Joint problems
  • Excess muscle tension, particularly in the back or neck
  • Poor foot position (club foot, fallen arches, flat feet)
  • Poor toe position (hallux, hammer toes)
  • Neck or back tension
  • Head ache related to muscle tension
  • Heel problems
  • Problematic leg rotation
  • Functional leg length differences
  • Pelvic asymmetry
  • Scoliosis
  • Hyperlordosis or hyperkyphosis of the spine

Dr. Eduard Lanz: Developer of the insoles and renowned orthopaedist

In his work as an orthopaedist, sports physician and team doctor for numerous national teams competing around the world, Dr Lanz was again and again confronted with problems related to insoles. Intensive observation, movement analysis and scientific study lead to the development of a patented design for proprioceptive insoles. Since they've become available, thousands of people have put TriggerMoving insoles to the test – the overwhelming majority confirm, often in only a short time, an improvement or even the elimination of their conditions.

Benefits of TriggerMoving insoles from Dr. Lanz:

Support the natural movement of the foot, as when barefoot
Encourage proper whole body movement
Keep the foot centred on the sole
Help in the treatment and prevention of painful functional disfunction

Fit street shoes and sport shoes – simply replace the insoles

TriggerMoving Comfort – Ideal for Everyday Shoes

These insoles are a little thinner, making them optimal for your everyday shoes. They are available in sizes 35 to 47; you can easily customise the fit by removing a bit of the front of the insole with scissors.

Available now for only £34.23!


TriggerMoving ProSport – Ideal for Fitness Activities

The fitness insoles from Dr Lanz are thicker, more shock absorbing and better resist slipping. This means that the foot stays centred on the sole, even when jumping or turning, also helping to prevent the development of callouses and blisters. These insoles are also available in sizes 35 to 47; you can easily customise the fit by removing a bit of the front of the insole with scissors.

Available now for only £34.23!


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