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Stop the Creeping Build-Up of Toxins in Your Body
(16.11.2015) back


Industrialization is having a negative impact on our bodies

Fertilizers used in industrial farming are taken into the body via the foods we eat

Our well-known Gossendorf healing clay moves toxins out of the stomach and intestinal tract

The barley grass contained in Bentomed and Bentovital contains natural vitamins and trace elements

Naturally pure herbal essences help to restore a healthy digestive environment
Environmental pollution as well as the industrial mass production of many of our foodstuffs are leading to an ever growing strain on the body due to contaminants. One may not notice the effects right away, nonetheless our bodies often have to contend with a kind of slow poisoning.

The body works constantly to rid itself of harmful substances that enter the body via the air we breath or the foods we eat. This takes place in the organs of the body the play a role in detoxification: the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the intestines and the skin. If one takes in too many contaminants from the air or the diet, then these bodily systems can become overwhelmed. The body is no longer able to remove the harmful substances, resulting in a kind of slow poisoning.

This is why many medication have been developed to help the body in cleansing itself of contaminant, also know as "detoxification". These promote the transportation of heavy metals and other poisons from the body. There can be problems with such medications as taking them can involve side effects, and there's also the fact that they cannot be taken for the long term. For just this reason, we are pleased to introduce you to a natural alternative: Bentomed and Bentovital.

Bentomed and Bentovital - The Natural Alternative Long-Term Detoxification Solution Helps in 3 Ways

Bentovital contains a well balanced combination of the natural Gossendorf fango healing clay, barley grass and herbal essences. It's been optimised for long-term use.

Gossendorf Fango, a Volcanic Healing Clay, Encourages Heavy Metals and Other Toxins to Leave the Body

Bentomed and Bentovital contain our very special healing clay; it forms the basis of the unique detoxifying effects on the body. It works in two ways, first through the valuable contents of the clay and second through its actual physical characteristics. The extremely small particles of the this clay take up fluid along with harmful substances like heavy metals, fungus and artificial food additives that can cause gas, encouraging them to be passed from the body. This works through a process called ion exchange in which harmful substances are picked up and important minerals and trace elements are left in their place.

Barley Grass is One of the Most Precious Foodstuffs and Rich in Natural Vitamins                    

For hundreds of years, barley grass has been known as the most precious of foodstuffs. It naturally contains a wealth of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, vital enzymes and proteins (amino acids) along with an especially high level of chlorophyll. Our need for sources of quality vitamins in growing due to the living conditions of today. The prevalence of industrial farming methods means the the concentration of vitamins in fruits and vegetables is on the decline. Many take vitamins to supplement their daily diet, but in order to actually support good health, vitamins should come from natural sources and thus should not be synthetic. Natural barley grass contains thirty times the amount of B vitamins in comparison to milk, six times the vitamin C of an apple and seven times the provitamin A of spinach. Another important substance in barley grass is chlorophyll, the so-called "blood of plants".

Naturally Pure Herbal Essences Support a Healthier Digestive Environment

The essences of select fennel oil optimizes the functioning of the stomach and intestines. This naturally pure herbal oil works to relax and soothe while fighting cramping. In particular, fennel supports good intestinal health and likewise the establishment of a healthy digestive environment.

Bentovital is a means to help the body to detox for the long term. This result through the transporting of harmful substances out of the stomach and intestinal tract. At the same time the body is supplied with important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, helping to restore a healthier intestinal environment. We recommend using Benvital every day – in this way, you'll be taking consistent action against the slow poisoning of the body.

Use Bentovital regularly, ideally every day!

Bentovital is effective in reducing and preventing the following conditions: gastritis, duodenal ulcers, stomach ulcers, chronic enteritis, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, gas, diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, gout and high cholesterol.

Bentovital (300ml)
Enough for 2 months of daily use

Bentovital Double Pack (2x300ml)
Enough for 4 months of daily use

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